Allegations – Marcy’s Story


Marcy Morris, ex-member of The Church of Jesus Christ Forever in Oregon, Illinois has requested her story be posted here so that current members cannot flag her  story off of Facebook.



Comments by the public are encouraged. Ex-members are especially encouraged to add their stories. Current members who speak in support of the “church” are not allowed to comment. Their abusive tactics  of insulting, gaslighting, pronouncing God’s judgment, and making veiled threats against people are well known. Therefore they are not allowed to add comments. This site stands with the victims.

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  1. Such a horror! So sorry Marcy and the others that grew up in the cult had to go through this nightmare! If our town wouldn’t have stuck their heads in the sand and let the cult go unnoticed in our community this wouldn’t have happened. Our community of Oregon Illinois is also responsible for allowing this by ignoring them!!!
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