Barbie Wants Dead Babies


By Mark Swarbrick

The Opening Scene of the new Barbie movie tells you all you need to know about the film, revealing that this movie was not made to entertain but to indoctrinate.

The movie opens with a dozen little children sitting in a rocky and desolate landscape. They are playing with dolls. One is pushing a toy baby carriage. Another is ironing clothes with a toy ironing board. All the children have unhappy expressions of boredom as though this type of play was the most tedious drudgery and the cruelest enslavement imaginable.

The scene is narrated by a female voice with an English accent, somewhat reminiscent of a kind and comforting Mrs. Doubtfire. The narrator says:

“The dolls were always and forever baby dolls. The girls that played with them could only ever play at being mothers, which can be fun, at least for a while anyway.” Then the voice adds, with a dour and bitterly grave tone, “Ask your mother.”  The implication being made to every little girl watching the movie is clear: Your mother is tired of you. You wrecked her life.

The narrator goes on, “This continued until…” Suddenly, a 100-foot-tall Barbie appears in the midst of the children. This particularly voluptuous Barbie is wearing nothing but a bathing suit and sunglasses. The children, with their baby dolls in their arms, approach this giant Barbie with wonderment and awe. They touch her bare legs with adoration.

The gargantuan Barbie lowers her sunglasses, smiles down at the children and winks. The enraptured expression on the children’s faces lets you know that some kind of telepathic message is being delivered.

The scene is a takeoff from the movie 2001 Space Odyssey, where apes, supposedly representing primordial man, discover and reverence the obelisk, an object from outer space that somehow advances their development. In that film, the mysterious obelisk imparts enlightenment to the apes and the next scene shows an ape, for the first time ever, using the leg bone of an animal as a tool. As the music crescendos, the ape learns to use the tool to smash the heads of animals. This scene is meant to represent the advancement and evolution of man from the brutes.

In the Barbie movie, Barbie is the obelisk. The background setting and the sound track for this scene are exactly the same as in 2001 Space Odyssey. When Barbie winks at the children they all begin taking their baby dolls by the legs and swinging them about, smashing the baby’s heads on the rocks. With faces of hatred and disgust, the children kick the baby dolls like footballs and toss them into the air. They smash the dolls together and they shatter like broken china. As the babies are being smashed to smithereens, the music crescendos, indicating that this is a glorious point of freedom and development in the lives of the children. All the while, the giant Barbie looks on with pleasure and affirmation.

The not-so-subliminal message is clear: Barbie wants dead babies. Motherhood is drudgery that impedes a girl’s development. Having a family is enslavement to a primitive animalistic life. To be enlightened and evolve into a better human being, to achieve noble dreams, one must be free of such domestic servitude. This means aborting babies, avoiding marriage and becoming whatever your heart desires. Anything, that is, except being a mother.

The Bible says those who hate wisdom love death. (Proverbs 8:36). The twisted minds of the Hollywood moguls who make such wicked films love death. They would destroy the family, the fabric of society and the bulwark of a nation They hate all that is good and love evil. The rest of this movie is boring propaganda, reinforcing the idea that men are subhuman but women can achieve all they desire, so long as they never marry and have a family.

Later in the film, Ken, who is continually dismissed by Barbie as just a worthless man whose existence is pointless, asks Barbie if they can go to bed together, since “that is what boyfriends and girlfriends do.” Again, the message to young impressionable children is clear: Whenever you have a boyfriend, have sex. That is normal. Everyone is doing it. You can have all the sex you want, as young as you want, just so long as you kill any babies that might happen along. And remember that you should despise the boy you have sex with. And if you ever have any dreams or aspirations, don’t ruin them (like your mother did) by getting married and having a family.

In a word, the Barbie movie is pure evil, designed to corrupt the minds of young children to get them to believe that their mother regrets having them and they should not make the same mistake and ruin their own lives by having a family. In short, the message is: premarital sex is good, but babies and families are bad.

Pass the word and pray Warner Bros loses a fortune on this miserable excuse for a movie. It is nothing but a woke attempt to pervert the minds of children.

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  1. Glad I never saw this movie, and based on the way they act, the woke mob is literally just as much of a cult as Swaggartism is.


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