Catholicism vs Christianity, Mary Worship & Papal Infallibility

Are you a Catholic troubled with questions about your church’s teachings? Have you considered the differences of Catholicism vs Christianity, Mary worship, and Papal Infallibility, and praying to the dead? This book examines Catholicism vs Christianity. Is Catholicism a cult? What about Mary worship? Is the pope infallible? Are Catholics Christian? Are Catholics Saved?

With loving respect, this book gives a detailed account of the history of Catholicism with an in-depth analysis of Catholic teachings. While this writing compares Catholicism to biblical Christianity, this is not a treatise against Catholics. Rather, it is written for Catholics to help them see that some of the doctrines of Catholicism interfere with a close walk with Jesus.

Have you ever considered that what you have been told may not be historically or biblically accurate? See what the Bible teaches about Catholicism vs Christianity and the relevant scriptural passages about…

Catholicism vs Christianity, Is Catholicism a cult, Mary worship, is the pope infallible, are Catholics Christian, papal infallibility, are Catholics saved


  • Praying to the dead.
  • Praying to, kneeling before, and kissing statues.
  • Mary Worship.
  • Calling the Pope, Holy Father.
  • The danger of extra-biblical authority.
  • Papal infallibility.
  • The error of salvation by works.
  • Catholicism vs Christianity.


Many questions addressed, such as…

  • Was Catholicism really the first church to exist?
  • Is the Pope infallible?
  • Was the Apostle Peter the first Pope?
  • Did Jesus consider religious tradition equal to Scripture?
  • Is the frightening doctrine of purgatory biblical?
  • Is the Catholic Church the one true Church?
  • Is the Catholic Church encouraging idolatry?
  • Is Catholicism presenting a different gospel?
  • Is Mary worship idolatry?
  • Is Praying to the dead forbidden by Scripture?

A book for Catholics! It is the author’s hope that this writing will aid Catholics in apprehending God’s love more fully and vibrantly than they ever imagined possible. If you are a Catholic this book is for you. Please consider the doctrines of Catholicism vs Christianity with an open mind this book can help you see scriptural truth with a clarity afore unrealized and find a fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ.

Good News for Catholics! If you are Catholic this book has some good news for you: You don’t need to fear going to the torturous fires of purgatory when you die. If your faith is in Christ alone you will immediately be in the glories of heaven when you pass from this life to the next.

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