End of Days: What the Bible Says Happens Next

Read about the signs of the End Times in the Bible, the Day of the Lord, and End Time headlines. Author Mark Swarbrick’s End of Days eBook is available for immediate download. 

Read the book that has just been banned by Amazon! They banned the paperback version and will probably soon ban the eBook version. Why? There is truth in this book that the powers-that-be don’t want you to know! The good news is you can order direct for the author and get it for half price!

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What People are Saying About End of Days…

“Packed with the combination of insight, common sense, and scripture references. Easy to read and was a page turner for me!” — Tammy

“Mark Swarbrick’s book is comprehensively and accurately referenced by scripture and available historical documents. It has the best arguments and bible references for the much debated pre-tribulation Rapture, that I’ve read. Anyone who is interested in what the bible discloses about the future should read this detailed book. Swarbrick also gives an interesting discourse on the Law of Prophetic Double Reference and the Law of Prophetic Perspective and explains the prophecies about the coming corrupt world leader, the Tribulation and the Millennium.” — Jean Saxby

“In this book, Mark does an excellent job of letting the reader know what is his personal opinion verses an analysis of what he interprets scripture to reveal. His viewpoint is mostly supported by scripture but when there could be doubtful revelations, he is quick to not lead the reader astray by mixing opinion verses sound Scriptural support. I found that to be a great quality in reading his book.” — J. Bean

“I most appreciated Pastor Mark’s breakdown of double fulfillment and his presentation of historical examples of premillennial eschatology and teaching on the rapture.” — Ike


My book has just been banned by Amazon!

What does this book speak of that powerful people don’t want you to know? Read it and find out!

Some anti-Christian woke book-banners at Amazon decided they did not want people to hear the truth!  They didn’t have the courage to say what they objected to, only that they didn’t like the content. They removed my book, and then temporarily closed my account. They threatened to close my account permanently if I say anything more they don’t like.  We have all heard in the news how the government is giving orders to big tech to cancel people. One wonders who gave the order to ban this book so that people will not be able to hear what the Bible says on some very important subjects. Order and leave a message in the comments and let everyone know what you think they object to.

The good news is, you can still order the book directly from me and get it for less than half the price Amazon charged! Right now the eBook is available for instant download. I am working on getting the paperback version available directly from me as well. Hopefully that will be soon.

Please help me out and prove that we will not surrender to Cancel Culture. Order now and find out what the devil, the government, and Amazon do not want you to know! Click the Buy Direct button to order.

From the author for $2.99

Confused by last-day Bible prophecies? Are you wondering if the Rapture is pre-trib or post-trib?  End of Days gives the reader a panoramic view of what is coming in the final days before the Day of the Lord and the return of Christ. Understand each phase of the end times and much more –

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  • The Beginning of Sorrows
  • The Rapture
  • The Tribulation
  • The Millennium
  • The Olivet Discourse
  • The Day of the Lord
  • Signs of the Times
  • America’s Need for God
  • Hermeneutic Principles for Prophecy
  •  Rapture Deniers Refuted

Pre-Tribulation Rapture Confirmed: Irrefutable scriptural evidence of a pre-trib Rapture is meticulously presented. One entire chapter covers the hermeneutical principles necessary for the correct interpretation of eschatological prophecies. Several passages of prophetic Scripture, which are typically misunderstood, are systematically explained through a comparative analysis of parallel passages.

Current Events Considered: The author’s attention to the current state of affairs in the world presents a convincing thesis for the lateness of the prophetic time-clock. A rock-solid case is presented, showing that the United States was founded upon Christian principles but that America has recently fallen far short of that ideal.

An Appeal for National Repentance: Scriptural examples of God’s judgment upon nations whose transgressions are excessive is presented with a call for America to return to God before it is too late. The recent fulfillment of biblical prophecies, such as Israel becoming a nation and other significant events, reveals the imminence of the Day of the Lord and Christ’s subsequent return.

Learn about these fascinating topics:

  • The Role of America during the Tribulation
  • The Identity of the Antichrist
  • The Mark of the Beast
  • The Return of the Nephilim
  • Scripture and the Pre-tribulation Rapture

The Rapture is Imminent: Within the pages of this book, you will find sound biblical exegesis of end-time prophecy. But more than that, you will read of things not to be found anywhere else. With careful historical analysis and fresh insight, the author reveals previously unknown prophetic fulfillments that transpired during World War II – startling events that shed light upon the identity of the Antichrist and show that the Rapture of the Church is imminent.

Please help me out and prove that we will not surrender to Cancel Culture. Order now and find out what the devil, the government, and Amazon do not want you to know! Click the Buy Direct button to order.

From the author for $2.99

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