Heavenly Miracles: True Stories of Supernatural Intervention

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Everyone Loves a Good Drama: There is no greater conflict than when God and Satan go to war over an eternal soul. In Heavenly Miracles the author recounts key moments in his life where this scene played out and he experienced Christian miracles from heaven. Jesus Miracles do happen! Gods miracles are real. In these pages you will read of signs and wonders and learn to expect miracles. Read about how the author…

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  • Was Tormented and possessed by demonic forces
  • Heard the Gospel and struggled with a decision to follow Christ
  • Experienced God’s miraculous deliverance from demonic oppression
  • Found Darkness replaced with God’s light, love, and joy
  • Had a ministry that witnessed the miraculous power of God

When the author saw how demons flee at the name of Jesus, his growing faith resulted in numerous miracles in his life and ministry. Heavenly Miracles recounts the author’s salvation, deliverance and even his backsliding and how God used events to bring about repentance and restoration. His subsequent ministry was blessed with signs and wonders and genuine miracles from heaven.

This is an account that tells the good, the bad and the ugly of a real life caught between good and evil and how God miraculously works all things together for our best good. Pastor Mark’s subsequent ministry was blessed with signs and wonders. Heavenly Miracles is a page-turner that is guaranteed to help you expect God to work miracles in your life and to trust him through times when he doesn’t.

Available in both Kindle and Paperback. For an uplifting read that will increase your faith in a miracle-working God.

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