How I Beat Covid

by Mark Swarbrick

Why Am I Not Dead?

Ivermectin: You have probably heard about it. Big Pharma launched a massive advertising campaign to discredit the drug. They called it “horse medicine.” They said it would send you to the hospital. They said it could kill you. Multi-national pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and a number of liberal politicians worked together to denigrate this medicine. With so many important people and organizations united against it, it must be really bad medicine. But I have only one question: Why am I not dead?

Why Do They Call it Horse Medicine?

I have been taking ivermectin for a long time now. I am still alive. It has never made me sick. I have never even had a mild side effect. I got my education about ivermectin from medical doctors on the website for the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. The URL is: The alliance was formed by a group of American physicians who specialized in early treatment of Covid.

On their website I learned of over sixty studies that showed ivermectin would not only prevent you from getting Covid, but would cure you if you got it. I learned about the defective studies Big Pharma used to discredit the medicine. Their website has dosing instructions as well as advice on what vitamins to take along with it. Zinc is essential, as ivermectin works in conjunction with Zinc to kill the virus.

I read that it was not just “horse medicine,” as I had been told, but had been approved for human use in 1987. Over 3.7 Billion doses have been taken by people with no adverse effects. According to the CDC database, ivermectin is safer than acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen, or aspirin.

But is it horse medicine? While it is true that ivermectin is also used for horses, cattle, and sheep, many medications used by humans are also given to animals. Penicillin is given to horses, but would it be accurate to call penicillin “horse medicine?” Of course not. So why do they call ivermectin horse medicine?

How Did I Get Ivermectin?

Big Pharma has tried to stop people from getting ivermectin. Your average physician will not prescribe anything that the FDA is not behind. Neither will your local pharmacy, such as Walgreens or CVS, dispense it, even if you do have a prescription from a doctor. What did I do? I simply went to That put me in touch with a telehealth doctor within minutes. I said I wanted ivermectin on hand in case I got Covid. The doctor sent the prescription to a compounding pharmacy in Colorado. They mailed me the ivermectin which I received two days later. Easy-Peasy. Doctor fee was around $60 and the medicine was about $40. For a hundred bucks I had the cure for Covid in my hands, legally.

Doctors in many countries use Ivermectin for Covid and lots of them make it available over-the-counter without a prescription because of its stellar safety record. India is one of them. Many pharmacies in India ship to the U.S. with or without a prescription. is an example of an Indian pharmacy that provides ivermectin at prices considerably cheaper than in the U.S. There are numerous Facebook groups formed by people using ivermectin. Browsing through them, I see that while a very few people have reported that customs confiscated their shipment of foreign ivermectin, most people say theirs got through.

Many people have also used the form of ivermectin given to horses, commonly referred to as horse paste. It is available on and also from your local Tractor Supply store. While I have never used this form, I would do so if I had Covid and that was my last resort. But taking the correct dosage is much easier when using the human version. I simply don’t need the horse paste as I have a legal prescription and ivermectin from an American pharmacy. That said, I have read countless accounts of people on the Facebook groups who have successfully used the horse paste.

Does Ivermectin Work?

I began taking a low dose of ivermectin twice a week as a preventative. After some time, my wife, who was not taking ivermectin, came down with Covid. At the time we were travelling the country in our RV so we could not social-distance from each other at all.  We were constantly in close proximity. We slept in the same bed and were next to each other constantly. Once I even inadvertently drank out of the same glass as her. And I am 67 years old, with diabetes, overweight and high blood pressure. In other words, I am high risk. We have all heard how contagious Covid is.  But I never caught Covid from my wife. To this day, I have never had Covid. I’m still taking ivermectin.

My wife started on ivermectin the same day she tested positive. It was a game changer. She recovered within a couple days. She had a slightly scratchy throat for a few more days, and then that cleared up as well.

My son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and a few acquaintances have used ivermectin with Zinc when they had Covid. They all had spectacularly fast recoveries. Typically, they would begin feeling better within the hour and by the next day feel 80 percent better. Yes, it works. If you take it, you won’t get Covid. If you get Covid, and take it right away, you will recover quickly.

Why is Big Pharma Against Ivermectin?

Anyone that has done research on the FDA realizes that this government agency that approves or disapproves of medicines is run by the pharmaceutical companies. There is a revolving door between the two. CEOs of drug companies become head honchos in the FDA and vice versa. Together (along with a few politicians in their back pocket) they constitute what has become known as Big Pharma. In a perfect world they would have only the public’s best interest at heart.

But in case you haven’t noticed, this is not a perfect world. Money is the primary motivation of Big Pharma. And not just “money” but BIG MONEY. Pfizer and Moderna made over 17 billion dollars in the first half of 2021 on their Covid vaccines alone. Johnson & Johnson made a half a billion in the third quarter on their Covid vaccine. It is projected the drug companies will make 124 billion on Covid vaccines in 2022.

Big Pharma has as lot of money invested in these vaccines and they are rolling in money as never before. No wonder they want everyone to get boosters! They even want to vaccinate children. Children, by the way, don’t need vaccinated against Covid, as children don’t get very sick from it. When my wife had Covid, my 9-year-old had the sniffles for a couple days, and that was all. But if they can convince everyone to get booster shots, over and over forever, then the enormous influx of Covid dollars to Big Pharma will go on indefinitely. Big Pharma will be content to let Communist China continue to supply most of our medications because American pharmaceutical companies are already making all the money they need off of Covid vaccines.

But What If…

But what if the world found out that there was a cheap pill, one with an expired patent that no one company could cash in on, and what if that pill had been proven safe for humans over several decades, and what if this pill could both cure and prevent Covid?

If that happened, there would be no need for vaccines. Big Pharma’s gravy train would end. All that time and money invested would be for naught. The fear and panic would end. The pandemic would be essentially over. Politicians would have to end their “emergency powers” that had enabled them to curtail American rights and freedoms.

The big-box stores such as Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and others would once again have competition from the mom-and-pop small businesses that are the fabric of America. Liberal mayors and governors who acquired a god-complex would have no way to continue to exercise their emperor-like control over people. Politicians bent upon introducing socialism would not have the means of inducing poverty that would make everyone dependent upon government handouts.

Ivermectin would absolutely ruin the party for a lot of very powerful people. But would these politicians and Big Pharma execs really let hundreds of millions of people die just so they can be rich and powerful and so they can fundamentally change America? You don’t have to wonder. They have already done it. They are still doing it. And now you know why they have to pretend that ivermectin is public enemy number one.

Would you like to know a dirty little secret? Dr. Pierre Kory from the Front-Line Critical Care Covid group, says that he has privately treated over two-hundred members of Congress with ivermectin. Medicine for me, but not for thee.

My neighbor had Covid. We had Covid in our household. Numerous friends and family have had Covid. Now even Joe Biden has Covid. Seems like just about everyone I know has had Covid, except me. I know why, and now, so do you.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. Consult your own healthcare practitioner for advice on any medications for any illness.

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