How to Share the Gospel

How to Share the Gospel

Do you ever struggle with how to share the Gospel with someone you care about? Here is a very easy way to share the Gospel with someone. Simply give them the book, Beyond Redemption. It is an action-packed western in the form of a historical novel, intertwined with a moving love story. This enthralling page-turner has the Gospel message imbedded within the story. The reader won’t feel they are being preached at, but they will see the transforming power of knowing Christ. This book is likely to open up discussion that may give you the opportunity to lead someone to Christ.

It is also an excellent read for anyone that already knows Christ, as it reinforces biblical principles for an abundant life. Young people will benefit from reading it as it reinforces the importance of putting Christ first in making life’s decisions.

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How to Share the Gospel

Here is what people have said about Beyond Redemption:

“Beyond Redemption: Love and Longing in the Old West” is a gripping journey back to the Wild West, masterfully crafted by author Mark Swarbrick. Set against the backdrop of the Arizona Territory in 1889, this historical novel weaves a tale of love, justice, and redemption that captures the essence of the Old West with authenticity, suspense, and moral depth.


The narrative unfolds with the robbery of the U.S. Army payroll by Mormon settlers, an event that triggers a sequence of events leading to a riveting gunfight. Swarbrick’s meticulous attention to historical detail transports readers to a time where justice was often sought through the barrel of a gun, and every decision had consequences etched in blood and dust.

What sets this book apart is its ability to balance thrilling Western action with poignant themes of love and redemption. The characters are intricately developed, each with their own struggles and desires, making them relatable and human in the harsh landscape of the Old West. The romantic elements add a layer of emotional depth, intertwining seamlessly with the overarching plot.

Swarbrick’s storytelling prowess is commendable. The scenes are vividly depicted, immersing readers in the raw and unforgiving beauty of the frontier. The suspenseful narrative keeps the pages turning, fueled by the quest for justice and the pursuit of redemption.

The endorsement by Brad Courtney, a featured historian in True West magazine, speaks volumes about the book’s historical accuracy and its ability to resonate with enthusiasts of Western history. “Beyond Redemption” not only entertains but also educates, offering a glimpse into a bygone era with its blend of fact and fiction.

In summary, “Beyond Redemption” is an enthralling and inspiring Old West tale that captures the spirit of the time. Whether you’re a fan of historical fiction, Westerns, or simply enjoy a well-crafted narrative, this book is a must-read. Mark Swarbrick has created a timeless piece that lingers in the mind, much like the echoes of gunshots in the vast expanse of the Arizona Territory. NeoAdam23

I loved this book. The themes and plot pointing to the gospel message is very unique and greatly refreshing. This book has everything- love, grief, good vs evil, Christian values, excitement, laughs, and cries. Very well written and a good read. Recommend! Ember Makos

The author does a wonderful job of blending history of the old west with an intriguing look at how religion played a hand in how even the roughest of the settlers lived. The history is well told and the love story blends in nicely and keeps the story moving. Even the difficulty that race relations played is examined here throughout the story. The characters are introspective and helps the reader see a side of the old west rarely told. All-in-all a fast moving read and one that leaves the reader wiser by the end. –Mick

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