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Jamie Morris, current member of The Church of Jesus Christ Forever, has written an article that is a slanderous attack upon his brother and ex-member, Jesse Morris. Jamie, while defaming his brother, also makes a passionate defense of his church.  Jamie’s article is on the church’s website. That article is here:   Since that site does not allow comments from the public, I make my response here.

Jesse has recently made serious accusations of abuse against the church. These accusations made by Jesse are not made in a vacuum. They are backed up by others that have left the church, by a school counselor and a school teacher. 

It is important to note that Jesse cannot respond to his brother’s disparaging remarks because his Facebook account is disabled. Apparently, all the members of the church were told to flag Jesse’s posts so that Facebook would shut him up. And that is what happened. Jesse has seen his brother’s post and has this to say:

“As for my expression of remorse in the letters and encouraging Jamie to obey the church? I want to throw up when I read that letter. I was brainwashed and believed that God allowed me to go to prison and if that was the case – the church must’ve been justified with their abuse. Completely warped mindset I had. Jamie never once specifically references the abuse I allege. Not once has any person in the church once denied the very specific abuse I’m alleging.” – Jesse Morris


Response to Jamie

Now I shall address Jamie directly…


In many respects you seem to be a fine young man that has also become a victim of this cult that has caused spiritual harm to so very many people. At this point you probably don’t realize you are a victim of false teaching, but I pray in time you will see the light.

The problem with cults is that they are not entirely evil in every respect. They teach some things that are good and true. If it were not so, people would not get caught up in them. I want you to think with discernment and separate out in your mind the good from the evil that is in the cult known as The Perfect Church.

My hope is that you will listen to this old retired minister when I tell you that The Church of Jesus Christ Forever is a non-Christian cult. I know this from the heresies I have seen written on their website and from the numerous accounts of ex-members who have experienced the ravages that come from false doctrines. Any minister in Oregon would tell you the same if they were to read the church’s website – it is a cult.

I have spent my life studying the word of God. From Bible college to years of research into cults and years pastoring churches, I have learned a few things that you can benefit from. Please listen to me. I am not a self-appointed prophet as is the man you are following. I am an educated and ordained minister of the Gospel, so please hear me.

No doubt you have been told that all other churches are apostate. False prophets teach things like that in order to maintain domination and control over members. They do it to keep people from listening to people who know the truth. Jesus said the gates of Hell would not prevail against His church. If all churches in the world are apostate except for this tiny little cult in Oregon, then Jesus lied – for that would mean that the gates of Hell have prevailed against His church. Think about that.

The Anger and Heresies of Kale Aluli

I am sure you know the scripture: “For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” (James 1:20) You begin by saying: “The things that are being said about my Church have stirred an anger in me that I have never had before.”  I suspect that you did not even write those words. It is Kale Aluli, who in his writings and phone messages to ex-members and others, is constantly going on about how angry he is. I believe those are the words of Kale Aluli, the false prophet you are following. Jesse wrote to me after reading your post and said, “This was definitely written by Kale.”

You speak of “the absolute goodness, sincerity, truth, and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that this Church has always had.” These words read like a paid advertisement for the church, written by none other than its false prophet, Kale Aluli. That aside, just consider the false gospel they teach on their website and see that it is not truth, but error. I quote:

A manifested son is one who is sinless and perfect before God and man…Kale Aluli, a manifested son of God…a perfect person in whom Jesus Christ is revealed, or manifested, in a pure and complete way… Kale, also chosen of God, came out of Rose, and that he stands in her stead to lead this people. 

REV. KALE F. ALULI, REVEREND GENERAL – THE HOLY GHOST SPOKE OF HIM: Thou shalt be the prophet in the land…free of sin, yea, and pure. You will be given much authority…I bless you, O man of God. I bless you, I bless you…I honor you and I bow before thee, for thy walk, for the truth, for what you have been willing to lay down in order to achieve holiness and perfection…Thou art established forever as the true light in this earth and thou shalt dispense the darkness and dispel it. Kale, my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased…Therefore doth the Father love you, Kale, because you lay down your life for the sheep.”

Jamie, think about this. God does not bow down before anybody, least of all the anger filled, false teacher known as Kale Aluli. He is not Jesus Christ or equivalent to Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross, laying down his life for the sheep, not Kale. This is blasphemy. This is not “absolute goodness, sincerity and truth” as you have said, but rather it is the demonic and diabolic doctrines of demons.

I notice two things from your account. First, you admit that you had major issues just like Jesse did. When two children in the same family have such problems, it begins to point more to the lack of parenting skills than to the child. I believe these behavior problems you and your brother had are directly attributable to Kale Aluli’s twisted interpretations of Scripture – an interpretation that could easily result in leading parents to physically abuse their own children. Please see my article on Biblical Child Discipline found here:

In that article I show how cults often misuse “spare the rod and spoil the child” to justify the cruel abuse of children. And it bears repeating what many people have said, which is that Jesse’s former behavior does not matter. There is no behavior that would justify the sort of abuse that Jesse describes. None whatsoever. The things that Jesse has alleged constitute criminal child abuse. 

Liars All?

Jamie, you say your brother is a liar. Well, if he is a liar, then so are ex-members Anthony Rinaldo and Marcy Morris. School teacher Jennifer Dusing is lying too, and so is school counselor Karen Oneil. Here is what they say. First we have your sister and ex-member, Marcy Morris…

The Perfect Church, The Church of Jesus Christ Forever, Marcy Morris, Jesse Morris

Next is the testimony of ex-member Anthony Rinaldo…

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever, The Perfect Church

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever, The Perfect Church

Now the testimony of Karen Oneil, Jesse’s school counselor…

Church of Jesus Christ Forever, The Perfect Church

And finally the testimony of Jennifer Dusing, a teacher in the Oregon school district…

The Perfect Church, The Church of Jesus Christ Forever

Tell me Jamie, do you expect us to believe that all five people are lying?  The public is not going to buy that. It simply is not credible to believe that five people made all this up.

All Praise to Kale and His Perfect Church!

The other thing I notice is that you say little about Jesus. It is all about the church, the church, the church. The church saved you. The church is perfect. The church this, the church that. You say, “One promise that I have ever kept in my life: that I would never leave the Church.” Oh, how cultic that statement is. People that drank Rev. Jim Jones poisonous Kool-Aid talked about their church like that too. Just about every cult I have dealt with thought their church was the only true church. Like all people trapped in a cult, you think the cult is what saves you.

Your promise should be to the Lord Jesus Christ, never to leave Him. Not a promise to some human organization founded by a fallen man who teaches blasphemies – disgusting blasphemies that cannot be denied, for they are plastered all over the church website.

Let me tell you Jamie, there is not a church on earth that can save anyone. Jesus is the only Savior. If you are trusting in your church to save you, you are lost, for you are putting a human organization before Jesus. You are trying to be justified by your own works and that is doomed to failure. God’s word declares: “This is what the Lord says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord.” (Jeremiah 17:5)

A living relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation – and that is not found by joining some group. It is clear from what you write that you are more dedicated to the “church” in Oregon than you are to the real Jesus of the Bible. If that is so, you are in a lost condition.

Jamie, you say, “This Church is the reason I am alive today.” No Jamie, the mercies of God are the reason you have life. You say, “I love my church.” What about Jesus? I have not heard you say once that you love Jesus. It’s all about the church and Kale.

You say you owe all to, “the wise, long-suffering shepherding of my pastor, Rev. Kale Aluli.” No, it is due to the mercies of the Savior, and His name is Jesus, not Kale. This aggrandizement of Kale speaks of who really wrote these lines. It is self-aggrandizement, penned by Kale Aluli. What’s the matter, Kale? Your people don’t praise you enough, so you have to pretend to be them and do it yourself?


The Letters

Now we come to the private letters that you shared with the world. Those very personal letters were sent to you by your brother, who wrote because he cared about you. How blessed you were to have a brother like Jesse. He wrote to you to try get you to turn from a life of sin.

The thanks you give him is to malign him and tell whatever dirty thing comes to your memory. For shame, Jamie. You call your own brother “this laughing stock of a man.” You say, “He is no man.” And “Jesse Morris is a liar.” This shows how The Perfect Church cult has twisted your mind. Is this the kind of family love that Jesus desires? No, this is the terrible destruction of families caused by unbiblical teachings. Hear the word of the Lord:

There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him…a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers. (Proverbs 6:16,19)

You should fall to your knees in sorrow and repentance for saying such a hateful thing about your brother. This kind of hate is the fruit that comes from the twisted teachings of a false prophet, doctrines that have sown discord among brothers. If you knew the real Jesus of the Bible you would not do such a thing. Here is what God says about what you have done:

God says: “What right have you to recite my statutes or take my covenant on your lips? For you…cast my words behind you…and your tongue frames deceit. You sit and speak against your brother; you slander your own mother’s son. These things you have done, and I have been silent; you thought that I was one like yourself. But now I rebuke you and lay the charge before you. (Psalms 50:16-17,19-21)

Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends. (Proverbs 17:9)

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

Your brother Jesse is not the same lost, confused, and hurting young man who wrote those letters. He is a grown man who has come to see, not only the error of the ways of his youth, but also the error of those he says tortured him. Instead of loving him into the kingdom of God, he was abused and battered into a confused submission.

More Praise for Kale

Now we come to the letter from the most holy Reverend General Kale Aluli. What a nice letter! My, my! How it shows what a loving, concerned and godly man that Kale Aluli must be! All praise be to Kale!

From where did you get that letter, Jamie?  It was written by Kale and sent to the Michigan Department of Corrections. So how is that you have it? Where did you get it? Obviously, only Kale Aluli, the false prophet of The Perfect Church, would have a copy of such a letter.

So, Kale had to have given you this letter with instructions to include this in what you wrote. Kale had to give you access to put your response on his website. Kale’s fingerprints are all over what you allegedly wrote, especially the anger and the hate. It would not be the first time Kale has tried to fool us by speaking as if he were one of his followers. Let us remember again what Jesse told me today: “This was definitely written by Kale.” Kale, your own people can’t defend you? You have to write your own defense and post it under someone else’s name? How sad. How deceptive. How dishonest.

In Defense of Jesse

Jamie, what your verbal attack upon your brother left out is the kind of man that Jesse has become as an adult. You have no idea who he is. The last time you saw Jesse you were only 13 years old. That was 16 years ago.  You have attacked the character of a man you barely know.

Jesse still believes in God and has travelled the world doing humanitarian work. Not only has he had the courage to escape from a cult, but he has bravely stood up to publicly expose its errors in order to save others. He did this knowing that they would bring up his misdeeds as a child. You chose to  “slander your own mother’s son.” That is exactly what you did, in violation of God’s word. You did it because your church “sows discord among brothers,” something that God hates. Here is what Jesse wrote in his first Facebook post, which the followers of Aluli have since gotten Facebook to remove. Let me repeat it here where Facebook cannot remove it.

I was a complete train wreck from 7th grade through high school. One of my hesitations with posting as myself was knowing that members of the Church of Jesus Christ Forever would attempt to justify their abuse of me and discredit me by listing every mistake and terrible choice I’ve ever made. They may still, and I have to deal with knowing that you may all find out this information. My consolation is knowing that I was a child/teenager and I was a product of physical abuse, torture, and countless hours of psychological abuse.

Added to that, I’ve worked hard since I left the church and I’ve been able to do things that many people don’t have the chance to do. I traveled to 12 different countries in 2012 doing humanitarian work. I spent 6 months in Spain learning how to become a better person. I met my wife in Africa on a humanitarian trip and tomorrow will be our 5-year anniversary! I am a good person, no matter the mistakes I made as a teenager. I have so many people who believe in me, support me, and are willing to step out on a ledge and defend me from my abusers. This is who I am today and I feel no shame about it. 

I’ve seen current members of the church denying abuse over and over again and stating that lies were told. I’m here right now to give you three facts regarding the abuse. The leadership cannot deny these facts. I will submit to any polygraph; any legal authority who might have questions about these facts; any judge. The abuse that I’m about to list is completely true and stated without embellishment or exaggeration. My sole intent is to hold the leadership accountable for their actions.

Jamie, are you ready to take a polygraph, as your brother is? Kale Aluli, I have not heard you offer to take one. If you are really innocent why don’t you offer to do that? I think you have been asked that before and all we hear are crickets. Jesse has filed a police report. They are still investigating. The FBI has requested that the report be forwarded to them after the detective has concluded his investigation.

Jamie, if you are allowed to read this, I stand ready to help you escape from a cult that has you in deception and bondage. There are many excellent churches in  your area where you can grow in the true knowledge and grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am here to help you in any way I can. You can reach me privately at If you want my help, then I hope to hear from you.

…Pastor Mark

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  1. This is a grrat response but the sad thing is Jamie will probably never be allowed to read this. He is also a victim and dont realize it. Such a sad situation. Jamie will be in my prayers along with the former members of this cult


  2. I would like to know why a “perfect man” is so full of fear that he can’t even speak for himself. Fear is not perfection. Stop being a coward, kale aluli! A real man would at least stand up to his accusers, not hide behind a mask of fake Facebook profiles and threatening phone calls. I would also like to call more attention to Rick Ryland. He is a mayor appointed official. This brings a conflict of interest when it comes to any investigation.
    Thank you for all you are doing rev. Mark!


  3. ??????! Interesting….Guess who tries to post a comment on this article that responds to Jaime Morris’ post? Not Jaime, as would be normal – Nope, Kale Aluli tries to post in response. I guess that goes to show who really wrote the post that is allegedly made by Jamie Morris.
    Pastor Mark recently posted…Christianity and PoliticsMy Profile


  4. The local police are investigating. The FBI is notified and waiting for the local police report. Child protective agencies are investigating. I bet anyone who committed child abuse is pretty scared right now. If I had children and went to that “church” I would quit immediately so my kids would not be at risk of being taken away.
    Pastor Mark recently posted…Christianity and PoliticsMy Profile


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