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Beyond Redemption – Download Instructions

Thanks for being willing to be part of my Advance Review Copy Team (ARC Team). To download the book, follow the instructions below:

Download the PDF to computer >>>

If you prefer to put the book on your Smart Phone, tablet, or Kindle reader, follow the optional the directions below:


(Optional) Instructions to Install Book in Kindle app on Smartphone (or any Kindle device)

  1. You need the free Kindle App on your iPhone. If you already have it, or you own a Kindle device, skip to step two. If you do not already have such, do this:

a. Swipe down on your screen and type App, then tap on “App Store” that appears at the top of the screen

b. Tap on “Search” in the bottom right of the screen.

c. Type “Kindle” in the search window at the top and tap “Search.”

d. Look for “Amazon Kindle” and click “Get.”

e. After Kindle is installed, sign into it with the same credentials you use to sign into Amazon on your computer.

2. To download my book in ePub format, click on this link:

3. Go to

4. On that page click “Sign In” and sign in with your Amazon account credentials. (If you are already signed into Amazon it will not ask)

5. Just drag and drop the file you downloaded in Step 2 (BeyondRedemptionCompressed.epub) into the window to send it to your Kindle or Kindle app.

6. Wait about 15 minutes and the book will show up in your Kindle library on your phone, or whatever Kindle device you are using.