Is the SDA a Cult?

Is SDA a Cult? Here is the generally accepted definition of a cult:

  1. A sect organized around the teachings of one individual deemed to be a prophet or prophetess, such as Adventists do with Ellen G. White.
  2. A sect that adds writings to the Bible, such as Adventists do with the writings of Ellen G White. They quote her as Christians quote the Bible.
  3. A sect that denies the cardinal doctrines of Christianity, such as salvation by faith, not works, as the Adventists do regarding having to worship on Saturdays and joining their church in order to be saved.
  4. A sect that ads works to salvation, as the Adventists do
  5. A sect that concentrates on legalism, such as not eating certain foods and other man-made rules, as the Adventists do concerning eating meat and not wearing a wedding ring.
  6. A sect that is considered by most of Christendom as a cult, as is the case with Adventism.
  7. A sect that thinks they are the only group going to heaven, as is imagined by Adventists.
  8. A sect that things their church alone is the one true church, as the Adventists imagine.

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