Seventh Day Adventism

Seventh Day Adventism is a non-Christian cult that teaches salvation by works, particularly Saturday observance. Click the down-arrow to the right of the heading on the menu to view articles on the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Ellen G White’s Spirit Guide Visions

Every cult needs an authoritative prophet that becomes enrichened by their followers and the SDA church is no exception. Adventists revere Ellen G White (1827 – 1915) as their prophetess. She is the primary founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and most of their distinctive doctrines are derived from her dreams and visions. She  had little education, having missed much elementary school due to a debilitating accident. Neither did she hold any college degrees. Similar to many cult organizers, she became quite wealthy by claiming to have visions and dreams by which she revealed new doctrines for her followers.

Ellen G White, Seventh Day Adventism

Ellen White’s California mansion was extravagant, even by today’s standards. Her lifestyle was far above that of her followers, both then and now.

Mrs. White suffered a severe brain injury when she was nine years old. The severe blow to the head from a rock put her in a coma for three weeks, resulting in amnesia when she awakened. Her brain injury caused Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with Hysterical Dissociative Episodes wherein she would hear voices in her head and see hallucinatory visions. She told her disciples that she had been given over 2,000 visions which she at various times claimed came from her spirit guide, an angel, or Jesus Christ himself.

Their Distinctive Doctrines are as Follows…

  1. They hold the writings of their deceased prophetess, Ellen G. White, to be inspired by God.
  2. Adventists believe they must observe the old Mosaic law of the Old Covenant. They specifically  and particularly believe in Saturday  observance, that Saturday must be kept legalistically as a sabbath, doing no cooking nor having any recreation on that day. Any who do not keep Saturday are sinning. They believe that going to church to worship Jesus on Sunday is the wickedest of sins and that those who do so are what their prophetess called, “dirty birds” who are taking the mark of the beast by worshipping God on the day Christ rose from the dead.
  3. They profess to believe in salvation by grace through faith, but in reality they do not. They believe in salvation by works. Many Adventists have never surrendered to Christ and been born again. Just as many Catholics think they are saved by virtue of belonging to the Catholic Church, so many SDA members believe they are saved by being a member of the SDA church and observing Saturday as the sabbath.
  4. They teach that worshipping God on Sunday is the mark of the beast.
  5. They believe they are the one and only true church. Members of all other denominations are unsaved.
  6. They concentrate on legalism, such as not eating certain foods and other man-made rules, such as not eating meat, not wearing a wedding ring, and not defending your family against violence.
  7. Their prophetess taught that only 144,000 Adventists would be saved. No one else.
  8. They believe in soul sleep, which is the teaching that man does not have a soul that continues consciously after death.
  9. Some Adventists hold Christmas to be an abomination and a pagan holiday and should not be observed. Other’s don’t care one way or another.
  10. They do not believe in hell. They teach that everyone except Adventists are annihilated and have no conscious existence for eternity, thus Hitler and Rev. Billy Graham share the same fate.

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