Time Will Tell

By Mark Swarbrick

Terrible times are coming unless things change in America. Our massive debt threatens us with an economic collapse. Our electric grid is vulnerable to EMP from the sun, or a nuclear weapon. The floodgates have been thrown open to receive Muslim terrorists by the tens of thousands. Iran, that chants, “death to America,” just got 150 Billion dollars from us and it is already being used to finance terrorism. The Democrats, who have officially kicked God out of their little club, want to take our guns, our rights, and I believe our Bibles, if they could, reducing us to a godless communist society.

Will the Republicans save us, or sell us out to Obama, as they’ve done repeatedly? So who has the answer for America? Rubio? Cruz? Trump? Would you believe, none of the above? No, I’m not talking about another candidate, because what’s wrong with America can’t be fixed by man alone. The real problem is this: America, in reality, is no longer a nation “under God.” President Reagan warned us, “If we ever forget we are one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.”

We are killing innocent babies at the rate of about a million a year. The Supreme Court has equated sodomy with marriage. Our president celebrated this debauchery by flooding the White House with rainbow colored lights. Our government is funding terrorists that are committing genocide against Christians in Asia. We have turned our backs on Israel, setting up a plan for their arch-enemy to get the bomb within ten years, which they intend to use to annihilate Israel. Across our country, there is little fear of God; everyone is doing that which is right in his own eyes, not God’s eyes. Jews and Christians are being persecuted on our college campuses and in our military. Christians are being fined and threatened with imprisonment if they don’t cater to the homosexuals. These are not the things that a nation under God does. We are, in fact, a nation in rebellion against God.

Rev Graham is travelling the country, calling America to prayer and back to God. I applaud that and hope people heed his voice. However, it is often the case, that unless a country is chastised with suffering, the people will not pay regard to a call to repentance. I am afraid we are headed down that road; a trail of tears. Let me explain why that is the trail we are headed down.

God has provided for us something very rare, something to help save us: A smorgasbord of devout Christian leaders. Never before has America had so many fine Christian candidates to choose from for president. When Marco Rubio was asked if his Christian faith would influence him, he responded, “As a Christian, I am supposed to try to be humble…my job is to care in love for my fellow man, so people better hope that my faith influences the way we govern, because these are important values.”  Ted Cruz, when asked how important it was for a president to fear God, answered, “Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees, isn’t fit to be command-in-chief of this country.” Governor Huckabee said, We’ve divorced ourselves from an understanding that we cannot survive as a republic if we do not become, once again, a God-centered nation.” Jeb Bush said that he accepted Jesus as his savior in the 1980s. In response to the rise of Christian persecution in the U.S. Bush formed the Religious Liberty Advisory Committee, a group of pastors and leaders committed to safeguarding the rights of religious believers and to ensuring that religious freedom retains a robust place in our society.

A truly wonderful group of righteous men. Sadly, at this point in time, none of these fine Christian men are the ones most favored by our country to lead us. We are making the same mistake Israel made. In 1 Samuel Chapter 8 were learn of a time when Israel wanted to be like the world and desired a pompous boastful king “like all the nations.” The prophet Samuel warned them against it but they gave no heed and God said to Samuel, “They have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them.” God gave them their desire, a king of whom the people fanatically approved. King Saul: He looked grand; a handsome man, taller than anyone in the country. This man they wanted, but soon they would learn his character was lacking, and they sorely regretted their choice later.

Indications are that America is doing the same thing today as Israel did then. Many people are intending to vote for a man that does not know God, a boisterous narcissist who admits he has never showed repentance towards God, who uses vulgarities and profanity in public, who intends to “insult his way to the White House,” vilifying with vicious invective anyone he considers a threat to his aspirations. This is the kind of man America wants: Vulgar, mean-spirited, proud, making lewd and dirty jokes on his reality TV show. Rejection of solid Christian leaders in favor of a non-Christian sends a clear message to God, and He may well say, “They have rejected Me, that I should reign over them.”

It is not so much a question of what damage a godless man might do to our country, although that is a concern. But the real question is, what will God do, after we reject His provision? Remove his loving protection? For it is He that protects us. There are forces beyond man’s control. If we could see into the spiritual realm we would see the many times God has protected us. Now that the majority of people have turned away from God, and are rejecting the godly men he has provided, will he let us suffer the results of our choice in order to chastise us into repentance?

Will America turn back to righteousness or will we continue our fall into the abyss? How long until disaster overtakes us? Will we make another choice we regret in 2016? Time will tell.