Library Above the Law?

Library Director Believes he is Above the Law – Wife Lashes Out Calling Parents and Concerned Citizens Bigots

By Mark Swarbrick

House of PornDixon Public Library Director Antony Deter and his vociferous wife are using the liberal fake news media in their vain attempt to defend their propagation of child pornography from the Dixon Public Library. A recent hit piece in the far left-wing online news site, Illinois Delivered, has Deter sanctimoniously stating, “From an ethical point of view, I can’t just remove books because someone asked me to.”

How interesting that Deter tries to use “ethics” to defend his choice to have the porn there to begin with. Of course, no one is asking Deter to remove books just “because someone asked.” The real truth is that numerous people in the community are demanding that illegal child pornography be removed because the law of the land requires it.

The material in question graphically shows children engaging in sex acts and is therefore illegal and those distributing it must be prosecuted in court. The federal stature classifies the material as illegal child pornography, to wit:

“Section 1466A of Title 18, United States Code: “Any person who…knowingly produces, distributes, receives, or possesses with intent to distribute, a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting, that depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct…or depicts an image that is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in…oral-genital contact…whether between persons of the same or opposite sex…or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 2252A.”

Deter’s wife stands with her husband in defense of the distribution of this illegal kiddie porn and has vehemently attacked concerned parents of the community. For example, the article in Illinois Delivered quotes her as saying that she hates those opposed to the porn in the library. She calls these concerned citizens bigots, saying, “I hate bigots and I don’t say it enough.”

This has been a consistent theme of those promoting the kiddie porn in the Dixon Library. They claim that anyone concerned about children seeing kiddie porn must be people who hate homosexuals. But as per Deter’s own words, she is the one doing the hating.

Surprised by the unprecedented passionate objections by locals, Deter complains, “There’s been nothing (before) where it’s personal like this.” As is typical of liberals, they can fling out the abuse by the truckload but when it comes back at them in teaspoons, they become apoplectic. They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

Dixon Mayor Li Arellano Jr has weighed in, saying, “I don’t want these images accessible to my kids and the kids of the community.” The library board was appointed by the Dixon city council and can be removed by them as well. We can hope the mayor displays leadership in moving the board in the proper direction. Voters will need to watch closely to see if action accompanies lip service. People who push porn on children have no place in the management of a public library.

The mayor also said that the issue has been “sidetracked into much bigger cultural battles.” That is most certainly true. The library board and others in favor of the pornography have tried to twist the matter into a battle against the LGBTQ community, as they know that if they don’t, their campaign to push pornography will fail on its merits, or lack thereof. Concerned citizens opposed to the porn have repeatedly stated publicly that this is not about anything for or against the LGBTQ community, but is a matter of law, common decency, and the protection of the children of the community.

Director Deter has flaunted the laws against child porn and has instead appealed to something he calls “library code,” which he apparently imagines is equivalent to the law of the land. Deter quotes this code, saying, “Censorship must be exercised by patrons for themselves. The Board of Directors and the Library Director cannot restrict the selection of the patron, and neither can the patron restrict the freedom of selection of other patrons.”

Apparently, Antony Deter thinks he is above the law. The citizens of Dixon, Illinois are not that easily deceived. They know that a library can’t just make up its own silly ideas and imagine they contravene federal law. In Deter’s world, there are no U.S. citizens or federal laws, just library patrons and his “library code.” Director Deter and the library Board of Directors have set themselves up as little emperors of their own imaginary kingdom.

Whether Deter likes it or not, federal law trumps his made-up rules. The citizens, through their elected representatives, have created federal law which does in fact “restrict the freedom of selection.” Whether Deter likes it or not, child porn is illegal. Those who possess it and distribute it are subject to prosecution.

Deter has falsely claimed that he can’t remove the illegal material because, “Removing them on a discriminatory basis would put the library in violation of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.” This is patently absurd. The 14th Amendment states, “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Any rational person can see that removing illegal kiddie porn from a library does not deprive anyone of “life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” Indeed, it is the due process of law that we are demanding. The only ones that will be deprived of anything will be pedophiles who would love this kind of smutty lewdness.

The news article in Illinois Delivered did all it could to add weight to Deter’s empty arguments. The writer quoted the lie from the previous article in the Shaw Local News Network, saying that at the recent public library board meeting, nineteen people spoke in favor of keeping the books, and that only nine wanted them removed.

That data is nothing but fallacious fabrication. Only nine people were allowed to speak against the material. Many people were present – over one-hundred total – that had come intending to speak but were not allowed to. The board began reading letters they had solicited that sided with the board’s intention to keep the porn in the library. When an individual opposed to the material asked if more people were going to be allowed to speak, the board said, “No, we are going to read letters now.” At that point, many people, realizing the meeting was a sham, began to leave.

The article goes on with its biased report, saying that “politicized book bans” are attacking libraries across the nation. I guess this is the new name for expecting the law against child porn to be enforced – “politicized book bans.” Deter whines, “The level of attacks against libraries – that’s quite unprecedented in the last few decades. It’s similar to the days of McCarthyism in the 1950s.”

McCarthyism? Seriously? He wants to go there? Okay, let’s go. Mr. Deter was not even alive during the 50’s. I was. While I was taking mathematics classes at Sauk Valley and Rock Valley Colleges in preparation for entering the commercial pilot aeronautics program at the University of Illinois, Mr. Deter was still toddling around in diapers.

So, Deter probably doesn’t know much about the cold war. By the time he was a teenager it was fizzling out. Apparently Deter does not realize that the term “McCarthyism” was invented in the Soviet Union as a derogatory and misleading term intended to be fed to liberal western newspapers. The term was first published in Moscow in the Communist Daily Worker.

At the time, during the height of the cold war in the 1950’s¸ the House Un-American Activities Committee was very concerned about the real danger to national security by the infiltration of Soviet spies in the U.S. government and the subversion of U.S. national interests. Useful idiots in the American news media picked up the implanted term McCarthyism from the Soviets and used it to try to stop these important investigations. It was eventually revealed, years later, that McCarthy was right about the true extent of Soviet spies embedded in the American deep state.

To put it simply, during the cold war, Americans were worried that people might infiltrate our government and try to turn it socialist. I will let the reader decide, if 70 years later, we can see that these concerns were valid. Mr. Deter seems oblivious to all these facts and has used the term McCarthyism the way the left has misappropriated it, to mean a baseless witch hunt.

Is this a witch hunt? The fact is, concerned citizens are once again worried about the country. Libraries across the nation are promoting child porn, and people care about that. Rooting illegal child pornography out of a public library is not a baseless witch hunt, as Deter attempts to portray it. What kind of depraved mind would even try to equate the two?

It is no wonder that libraries are experiencing increased protests from parents. The head of the American Library Association is Emily Drabinski, a self-avowed Marxist and a lesbian. She has stated that her view “includes the subversion of those kinds of normal family types,” i.e. the heterosexual family unit. She is determined to destroy the fabric or our nation by dismembering the traditional American family via pushing homosexuality and pornography on the children of America.

Immoral child porn inflames lust in teens, which leads to premarital sex, which leads to children without a solid two-parent home, which leads to the demise of our society. We are already living that sad reality. The head of the American Library Association is behind all this and is the central porn-pusher behind the very books which decent citizens are trying to have removed. There is indeed a radical agenda afoot and Deter has aligned himself with it.

The Illinois Delivered article tries to portray the comic book Gender Queer as something innocuous by showing a page from the book that presents a smiling family with children. They fail to show the indecent text and images which fill this book, a comic book designed to be alluring to children. Why? Because they know if they show what is really in this dirty magazine, every parent in Lee County will be up in arms, metaphorically speaking.

So, let’s have a look. I can’t show you the images because they are disgusting illegal child porn. Some have tried to post them on Facebook, but they were taken down for the reason of “going against community standards.” Pretty sad when the liberal screeners of Facebook have more scruples than the director of our public library.

But I can tell you about them. This dirty rag is filled with graphic discussions by children about masturbation and different kinds of sexual activity. Page 63 has a young girl saying to another adolescent girl:

“It really never occurred to you to put something into your vagina, not even a finger? So you’ve never tasted yourself? You should try.”

The next cartoon frame shows a picture of the girl’s hand dripping with goo, with the heading: “And so: Vagina Slime.”

Page 61 continues with sexual talk of two other children. The text defines the age of the two children as “11 or 12 years old,” and the next frame on page 62 shows the two naked children engaged in sex with one on top of the other.

On page 168, two cartoon frames show what appears to be the same young children. The two pictures show one boy with the penis of the other boy in his mouth. The illustrations are graphic, leaving nothing to the imagination.

The Illinois Depraved article ­– oh, excuse me, I mean the Illinois Delivered article – feigns outrage at considering this porn, saying, “Now, not only have people called for his (the director’s) firing, but he’s also been accused by some of those who want the book removed for peddling child pornography and having a radical agenda.”

I think it is pretty clear to any normal and decent person that this indeed is child pornography and the director of the Dixon Library does have a radical agenda. Furthermore, opinions of leftists on this do not matter. The law is what matters and the law defines any cartoon that seems to depict children engaging in sexual activity as illegal child porn. Period. Full stop. End of story.

We don’t want this material merely removed from the shelves or locked away in the library where people can see it if asked for. No. We want it confiscated by the Illinois State Police or by the U.S. Federal Marshal’s Office. We want the material used as evidence to prosecute everyone responsible for trying to shove this nastiness in the faces of our children.

Antony Deter and his wife have taken their stand with debauchery and wickedness, believing their political affiliations will make them immune to prosecution. We shall see. Dixon, Illinois was in the national news a few years ago about the failure to detect millions of dollars fraudulently embezzled from the city. It is looking like Dixon will once again be in the national news.

The rest of America will see what is happening in Dixon when this hits the national news on the Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity’s Fox News shows. Both Federal and State investigations are in the works. Let’s see if the local government officials responsible for this travesty can take the heat, or if they will wisely decide to get out of the kitchen.

Library board members say that only Director Deter is responsible for retaining or removing the illegal material. I’m not so sure that gets the board members off the hook. I know if I were a member of the library board, I would abandon ship before it sinks with me in it. If I were Director Deter, I would lawyer up and call my bail bondsman, or better yet, I think it would be best if he would fall on his knees in repentance and beg God’s forgiveness. He, and those who keep him in office, are likely to find the Almighty more gracious and forgiving than the voters of Dixon.


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  1. Can’t believe no one’s commented on this, but thank you and GOD BLESS YOU for calling this unbelievable obscenity out. It still boggles my mind how so many people do not see this, it’s just like with “Cuties” on Netflix (more like Nonceflix as I call it now); all these awful books, especially “Gender Queer”, “This Book is Gay” (which from what I have read, besides having sexually explicit pics and descriptions of sex acts, literally tries to encourage children to download adult dating apps and talk to strangers on there, plus from what I heard, had a story of a 15 year old boy [a REAL ONE] who was groomed and raped by a man and they treated it like it’s a “good thing” 🤢🤮) and especially “Flamer” (which from what I’ve read also contains anti-Christian propaganda/Christophobia and literally has 14 year old boys jerking off into bottles) literally are all child porn and a promotion of/attempts to destigmatize, normalize and legalize pedophilia. The Deters and anyone who are in denial of this need to get put on a watchlist, get their computers, hard drives and cell phones confiscated, and lose the right to have or be around 2000+ feet of children or places where they congregate!!!

    And seeing how Deter and his wretched wife, besides being poorly educated/wholly uneducated and oblivious to world history, are stupid enough to claim “YOU’RE JUST A BIGOT” for calling this out and suggest that you’re more evil than the people who literally put out and promote CP, that ends up saying a lot more about them than it does about who they’re trying and failing to call out.


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