It’s All Biden’s Fault


by Mark Swarbrick

Biden’s Destruction of the World

I recently had a discussion with someone who told me that the high fuel prices and economic difficulties in the Unites States cannot be Biden’s fault because countries all over the world have it just as bad. This short article will disprove that false premise and establish that the world economic crisis is the fault of Biden and the policies of the Democratic Party.

First of all, it is not true that “other countries have it just as bad.” If that were true, then why are masses of people leaving the Unites States, particularly California, to live in Mexico where the food and the cost of living is so much cheaper? People leaving a super-power such as America to live in a third-world country is indicative of systemically flawed economic policies.

Furthermore, it must be understood that economic problems in America affect the entire world. It has often been said, “When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” What happens in America affects the rest of the world, be it for good or bad. American actions on politics, policy, economics, and culture have ripple effects that are felt worldwide.

We saw this in the Great Depression of the 1930s. America’s financial collapse severely affected Central Europe. Germany was badly affected, resulting in inflation and starvation, which in turn led to Hitler taking power. Understanding this, it can be comprehended that decreased production of fuel in America has raised prices not just in America, but around the world.

Biden Caused Inflation

It should be noted that America’s inflation numbers are significantly higher than in most of the other comparable countries. This is due primarily to our extremely expansionary fiscal policy of excessive federal spending. In short, the Biden Regime has been printing and spending money like there is no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, tomorrow has arrived and we are paying the cost. There is no free lunch. All the stimulus, extended and increased unemployment benefits, and PPP loans doled out by the Democrats is what has caused the inflation that is worse than elsewhere in the world. You cannot just print huge amounts of free money and dump it into the economy without it causing inflation. That’s basic economics 101.

You Cannot Blame Covid

Liberals will complain that it is the Covid-19 pandemic that is the root cause, not Biden. That is in error for a number of reasons. While it is true that Covid had a dampening effect on the worldwide economy, much of the blame for that can be laid at the feet of the Democratic Party.

Doctor Fauci, a liberal Democrat who has been coddled and fairly worshipped by the Democratic Party, bears a lot of the blame for the pandemic. As was revealed in Senate testimony, Fauci authorized his division of the National Institute of Health to provide American tax-payer funding to the Wuhan lab in China. This funding was specially designated for the purpose of modifying bat corona viruses so that they could infect humans.

To add insult to injury, Fauci, along with other operatives of the Democratic Party, were instrumental in orchestrating a campaign to discredit both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, both safe and generic drugs that defeat the virus. It can reasonably be stated that without Fauci and his Democrat cohorts in the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, there would have been no world-shattering pandemic that killed millions.

The lockdowns, at least in America, were primarily pushed by the Democratic Party, who are so enamored with Marxism that they chose to use the pandemic to crush small businesses and churches in America – two institutions the Democrats hate. Eliminating private ownership of business is central to communist ideology, as is crushing Christianity. It has been so in every country that followed Marx’s evil maxims.

Promoting large businesses in cahoots with the Democratic Party while destroying independent private businesses is part of the socialist playbook. That is why Republican states opened up quickly and flourished, while socialist Democratic controlled states suffered economic devastation and increased deaths from all causes.

So no, you cannot blame Covid. You can blame the Democratic Party and Dr. Fauci who funded the creation of Covid, outlawed a cheap cure for Covid, and encouraged lockdowns that severely hampered the economy.

You Cannot Blame the War

A common argument is that high gas prices are the result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a sanction against Russia, we had to stop imports of oil from Russia. It is claimed that alone has caused the high prices at the pump.

But anyone with a memory knows that is nonsense. We all know that prices for fuel in America went up long before Putin invaded Ukraine and before we stopped buying Russian oil. So why do some people believe high gas prices are caused by the war? Because Biden goes on television continually and tells this lie. This is how immoral politicians flourish. As Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels stated, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

It could be conceded that some of the price hike now is due to the war. But one must ask, why is there a war? I’ll tell you why. It is because Biden tucked his tail between his legs like a scared puppy and ran out of Afghanistan in a panic, abandoning 85 Billion dollars of high-tech military equipment to the Taliban. He ran away so fast and in such disorganization that he got servicemen killed and left Americans stranded in-country where they are, still to this day, being rooted out by the Taliban and taken away to dungeons of torture.

Putin watched that in amazement. This was something new. He had known Biden could be bribed. He had known that ever since politically connected Yelena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia, wired $3.5 million to Hunter Biden for undisclosed reasons. But the Afghanistan debacle revealed something beyond the fact that Biden was corrupt. It showed that he was disorganized, feckless, lacked convictions, moral fortitude, and didn’t really care about stopping aggressive enemies. In short, Putin saw that Biden was a coward.

Weakness invites aggression. Unprincipled dictators around the world sat up and took notice. China began licking its chops over taking Taiwan. North Korea ramped up testing of ballistic missiles. Iran spun up more centrifuges in a rush to refine weapons-grade plutonium for nuclear bombs to load onto their 3,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles, some of which can reach the U.S. Iran recently bragged, “American soil is now within the range of Iranian bombs.” And Russia took the lead in the coming world chaos by invading Ukraine.

Make no mistake, the leader of Russia is an aggressive animal. Putin invaded Georgia in 2008.  In 2014, while America suffered under the spineless Obama/Biden regime, Russia invaded and annexed the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine, while we did nothing. In the past few decades, the Trump presidency is the only administration under which Russia did not invade other countries. Why? Very simply, because President Trump projected strength.

Putin, who is an old KJB hard-liner who fantasizes about rebuilding the old communist Soviet Union, has long wanted to force Ukraine back into a revived USSR. He was only waiting for an opportune time. Biden’s Afghanistan debacle proved to Putin that now was his opportunity.

Not only did Biden’s weakness precipitate the Russian invasion, but he was slow to support Ukraine with arms. Even now, although massive amounts of military equipment have been authorized, it is only lip service. The equipment is not being delivered in a timely manner and Biden refuses to get it organized. In the meanwhile, the Ukrainians are bleeding, dying and begging for the delivery of arms which are being held up by Biden’s bureaucratic blundering.

If Biden really wanted to stop Russia’s war-making capability all he would have to do is reverse his destructive energy policies and bring us back to Trump era oil production wherein we had more oil than Saudi Arabia and where we were a mass exporter of oil to the world.

But the current submission to the climate-alarmist cult has destroyed all of that. Consequently, instead of America supplying oil to Europe, Biden is going around begging Iran, Venezuela and other evil dictatorships to sell us oil. And these are the dirtiest countries in the world, environmentally speaking. Their drill rigs and refineries pollute far more than anything in America. So, the big push to end fossil fuels in the U.S. is actually increasing pollution the world over. Utter stupidity.

If we still had the oil exports we had under Trump, we could promise oil to European countries, and they in turn would not have to buy Russian oil. The tap that feeds Putin’s war machine would be turned off. But now as it is, the forced decrease in our oil production has been a boon to the Russian economy. They are making more money on their oil than ever before. And you can be sure, Russia is not stupidly cutting their oil production because of naively imagined climate hysteria. They don’t believe in childish “the sky is falling” fairytales. They stick to reality. They believe in making bombs to drop from the sky to murder innocent women and children in countries they want to conquer.

So no, you can’t blame the war either. Oil prices were already insanely high and climbing before the war. And it begs the question. Who caused the war? Biden’s weakness caused the war. If he had not stolen the election, if Trump was still president, there would be no war. So even if it is conceded that war had some impact on oil prices, we still come back to the fact that the war is Biden’s fault.

You Cannot Blame the Oil Companies

Biden tries to blame the high prices on oil companies making a profit. Thank goodness they do or there would be no oil. Some years they lose money by the billions. Sometimes they desperately need to make a profit. In point of fact, the take the U.S. government gets in taxes from oil is larger than the profit that the oil companies get to keep. So who is the real bad guy? And who are the oil companies anyway? It is you and I. It is America. They are publicly traded companies. Everyone’s 401 K retirement packages are the oil companies.

High fuel prices are all Biden’s fault. The prices are not set by oil companies. They are governed by supply and demand and when government regulations make it impossible for them to produce in abundance, prices go up because of supply and demand.

When Biden took office, he promised to end fossil fuels. And he did. Biden shutdown the Keystone Pipeline. If that pipeline had been completed, we would now have 900,000 barrels of oil per day flowing from Canada to America. It would have reduced shipping costs and made American oil more abundant and cheaper.

Biden increased regulations against oil companies, making it difficult to drill for oil. He cancelled all new oil and gas leases on federal land. He made it impractical for us to build very much needed oil refineries. He made it clear to all that he intended to force everyone into buying sixty-thousand-dollar electric cars by raising gas prices, even though most people cannot afford such cars.

And even if the masses did buy them, our infrastructure could not support charging them all. The electric grid would be overwhelmed, causing rolling blackouts nationwide and destroying shipping and transportation. And if it really did happen that everyone had electric cars, and the grid was overhauled to support charging them, it is still a fact that most of our electricity is made by burning coal. So, what do we get for destroying our oil-based economy? Cars that run on coal. Go figure.

Under President Trump’s keen management skills, the U.S. had become a net exporter of oil for the first time since 1949. Trump reversed Obama’s draconian energy restrictions and we quickly began exporting between 500,000 and 685,000 barrels a day in 2020. That continued to rise to the point that we had so much oil that we were exporting a million barrels a day while simultaneously putting almost ten million barrels of oil into our strategic storage reserves.

We didn’t need oil from Russia or anybody else. But when Biden reverted back to Obama era restrictions on energy, we fell back into a deficit. Then we began importing 8 percent of our oil from Russia. If Biden had not destroyed America’s oil production, we would not have needed that 8 percent.

Changing America from being an oil exporter to an oil importer caused fuel prices to go up all over the world. The fact that “gas prices are up in all countries” does not mean that Biden is not to blame for the high prices. The truth is that Biden’s curtailing of our oil production is what helped to raise fuel prices all over the world. When we stopped exporting oil, it became scarcer, and scarcity always raises prices everywhere. As every economist knows, prices are controlled by supply and demand.

Everything we buy is delivered by vehicles that operate on some form of oil. When you raise the price of fuel, you raise the cost of everything. Biden has bought into the climate alarmist cult’s unscientific nonsense and that is why he has systematically destroyed America’s energy sector, which has resulted in higher prices for everything we buy.

As a side note I will say that in case anyone doesn’t understand that climate alarmism is a Marxist-driven agenda not based in science, I would suggest to them that they should refrain from getting “science” from politicians and extremist special interest groups and get it instead from real climate scientists. One could start with the book Hot Talk, Cold Science by meteorologist and physicist Fred Singer, available at

Open Borders

Last but not least is Biden’s open border policies, which are costing Americans dearly. Biden opened our southern border to anyone in the world who wanted to illegally trespass into our country. Here are the facts. According to FAIR, the fiscal burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers is staggering. (see

In 2017 there were an estimated 13 million illegal aliens in the U.S. The cost of supporting that number was estimated at 116 billion dollars per year. There are 331 million people in the United States. The math shows us that roughly $350 annually must be paid by every U.S. citizen person to pay for support of the illegals. So, a family of 4 was paying $1,400 more in taxes per year to support illegals in 2017.

But this is not 2017. The massive influx of border crossers has risen astronomically under Biden. Apprehensions under Biden went up from 90,000 to over 230,000 per month. We currently apprehend about 2.6 million people per year, and then release them into the U.S. That number is rising every month.

Those numbers do not include the gotaways – those who we detected entering but were not able to catch. There were 400,000 known gotaways in 2021. Some estimate the actual gottaways (illegals that we didn’t detect) could exceed a million people per year. This means there could very well be as many as a total of almost 4 million illegals entering the United States per year. In just 5 years that will mean 20 million new illegals will have moved into our country.

Added to the 13 million shown to be here in 2017, that’s a total of 33 million illegals. The cost of supporting them calculates out to 294 billion dollars. Adjusting for inflation adds another 59 billion for a total of 353 billion. That is equivalent to every person paying $1,066 per year, or to look at another way, five years from now, a family of four will have to pay $4,264 every year to support illegal aliens. That is equivalent to every family having to write a check to the government for almost $355 every month. A family struggling with 5 children would have to pay an astronomical $7,462 extra taxes per year. Now you understand why Republicans are saying that allowing an open border is not sustainable.

These figures are conservative, for we have not factored in the millions of children that will be born into poverty from the illegal aliens. These will likely also become dependent upon handouts. Nor have we considered the cost of rising crime as a result of illegal immigration. Neither have we considered the cost of the illegal drugs coming across our uncontrolled border. Fentanyl is the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-45. Thanks to Biden’s open border policies, Fentanyl deaths doubled in 30 states between 2019 and 2021. None of these costs are factored in. And we don’t even want to think about the cost that will be incurred when the Islamic terrorists crossing our southern border engineer another 911 attack.

The costs in human suffering cannot be measured in dollars. Most of the women who make the journey through Mexico are raped on the way. Many are sold into sex slavery. The cartels now control the border and they cross back and forth as they please. Young American girls are being kidnapped and sold to the cartels who send them south to be enslaved in a life of forced prostitution. Men, women, and children are dying of thirst in the American desert as they are abandoned by the cartel mules. The death toll this summer is expected to be horrendous.

Conclusion: It Is All Biden’s Fault

Inflation: Biden and his Democratic Party have destroyed America and the world. Their careless fiscal policies that allowed for the printing and giving away of copious amounts of free money fueled run-away inflation that is worse in the United States than elsewhere, making third-world countries a better place to live than the U.S.

Pandemic: Doctor Fauci and his NIH, so popular with the Democratic Party, funded the creation of the Corona virus that led to the Covid pandemic. They crushed cures for Covid that would have prevented millions of deaths, opting instead to enrichen Big Pharma with expensive vaccines. The Democrats hampered our economy by encouraged lockdowns that destroyed independent small business while allowing only large multinational corporations to thrive.

The War: Fuel prices went up before the war started. They went up after the war also, but the war was Biden’s fault. His weakness invited Putin’s aggression. Biden’s destruction of America’s energy sector has been a boon for Putin. The higher prices of oil caused by our curtailing production pours billions of dollars into the coffers of Putin’s war machine and European dependence upon Russian oil hampers sanctions that could stop him.

Destruction of the Energy Sector: Biden systematic and intentional destruction of America’s energy production, which was done intentionally at the behest of global warming alarmists, was the main factor that raised the price of oil around the world, which in turn raised the price of everything else.

Open Borders: Biden’s open border policies are a hidden tax on Americans. It is one of the reasons our taxes are so high. In just a few years, if illegal immigration continues at its present rate, it will financially crush American families and force them into poverty.

Bottom line – inflation, the pandemic, the war, high fuel prices, open border costs – it is all the fault of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. The only hope for America, indeed the world, is that the Republicans take Congress back in November and re-elect Trump in 2024, or at least a likeminded Republican. Let’s pray it happens. If it doesn’t, expect more invasions from Russia into Europe and for China to take Taiwan while the world descends into economic collapse with another Hitler waiting in the wings. But perhaps we can oust these incompetents on election day.  If not, we will all be singing, Bye, Bye Miss American Pie.


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  1. What I just read, is the ultimate undeniable truth! No one could have said it better! A copy of this should be sent to the Daily kos, and other publications that think biden is an amazing president compared to trump. (yeah right). Maybe their lyin’ eyes could possibly be opened. Great article!


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