About Posting Comments

We welcome people to post comments and questions. However, there is a caveat, which this page will explain. The purpose of this website is not to be an open forum for cultists, or for Christians deceived by false teachers, to espouse their erroneous ideas. Its purpose is to assist family members, friends and pastors with information to help them as they reach out to those they care about who have become deceived by false teachers. Often family members note a personality change comes over someone who gets snared into a cult. These family members need someone to talk to who know the teachings and ways of that cult in order to know best how to help someone being deceived. The comment section’s purpose is to be a venue for that to happen.

Another purpose is to directly reach those who are in the process of being deceived. Once a person is fully under the influence of a cult it is usually impossible to get them to see logic, reason or scripture. However, those who have just begun to listen to a false prophet, but have not yet become fully ensnared, are still teachable. These will often still listen to reason. We are happy to receive comments and answer questions from those who are confused and honestly seeking answers. This site was created with their benefit in mind. I am happy to report that some success has been accomplished in achieving these goals.

The goal of this Internet ministry is to challenge “every wind of doctrine” by adding our voice to the chorus of other cult watch groups that monitor cults and unorthodox ministries. We are committed to adhering to the doctrines of orthodox historic Biblical Christianity so as to “Contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints…Hold fast the faithful word…exhort in sound doctrine and…refute those who contradict.” (Eph 4:14, Jude 1:3, Titus 1:9)

There are those who ask, “Who makes you the expert.” I could appeal to being in Sunday School as a preacher’s kid since I was old enough to be out of the nursery, years of catechetical instruction, 48 years as a born-again believer filled with the Holy Spirit, studying the word of God daily and in church three times a week since being saved, Bible college with a diploma in ministerial studies, 45 years studying the cults and comparative religion, and many years in full-time pastoral ministry. But none of that matters so much as this:

The authority referenced in this website and the platform upon which we stand is the written Word of God along with the consensus surrounding the cardinal doctrines of Christianity which have been maintained by the Church since the time of Christ. It is to these we appeal for veracity when challenged concerning our assertions. As Martin Luther said, “A layman who has the Scripture is more than Pope or council without it.” We also consider what other cult watch groups are saying in order to get a consensus. The opinions of Christian Research Institute, Watchman Fellowship, CultWatch.com, and DeceptionBytes.com are valued.

Comments are moderated based upon the above criteria. Comments do not post until they are moderated. Genuine honest questions and comments from those who are seeking information and clarification about a particular ministry or cult are posted. Those who are confused but still teachable may receive additional help and perhaps private email communication if appropriate. Those who have left a cult and seen the light often have comments containing information and insights that are especially valuable to everyone.

Typically, those who are thoroughly brainwashed, are not seeking help from this website but are commenting with another purpose in mind – they aspire only to voraciously defend their particular cult. Those comments are not posted as they are not in line with the purpose of this site. There are many excellent comments coming in from people who have had first-hand experience with a particular cult and they have things to say that furthers the goals of this site, which is to lead people out of deception. But to give space to argumentative comments from the deceived and unteachable is pointless. That would only detract from the effectiveness of this ministry and serves only to muddy the waters. No doubt some will take issue with this. They are free to go start their own website if they want a platform to argue from.

There is an exception to that, however. Occasionally someone posts a comment, which even though it disagrees with sound doctrine, nevertheless their positions and questions are well articulated, lucid, respectful, sincere and pertinent. These will often be allowed to post. Some of them are even so well done that they are featured as an article. Debate with a Swaggarite Part 1 & Part 2 are examples of this.

Most of the comments from people defending their cult reveal that they have not read all the articles on the site, as their questions have usually been dealt with thoroughly in one of the articles. There is no point in responding to these, since their questions have been answered elsewhere.

The traffic to this website has increased exponentially since its inception and it is difficult to find time to respond with a comment or rebuttal to all of them. When it is clear from the comment that a person has not taken the time to read all the articles on their particular favorite false teacher, sending an email pointing them to the appropriate article that answers their comment is often the most expeditious response.

May the Holy Spirit guide you as you consider the articles on this website. It is our desire that we all come into a more accurate understanding of God’s word and know his way more accurately. May our Lord bless you as you walk with Him.

…Pastor Mark