Socialism & Satan

By Mark W. Swarbrick

Satan not apolitical

           Satan not apolitical

Some say that politics and religion shouldn’t be mixed, and Satan would agree. The last thing the Devil wants is for Christians to be involved in politics. Why? Because The Devil is a politician himself. Satan is not apolitical. He is very much into the political scene. While many preachers have been afraid to preach politics from the pulpit, the devil has had no such qualms and has been busy changing the ideological mindset of mankind. It’s time to fight back.

Socialism is one of those political philosophies that Satan absolutely loves. It’s his brainchild, a doctrine of demons. A close examination of the teachings of socialism makes its diabolical nature readily apparent. Jesus said that Satan “comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” Satan’s favorite thing to steal is freedom and nothing robs freedom as efficiently as socialism.

What is Socialism

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The Bible teaches that because Adam and Eve sinned all mankind inherited an evil fallen nature. As a result, the earth was cursed by God and all of nature became twisted. Death and suffering entered the world. All of mankind’s woes – crime, famine, earthquakes, floods, pestilence, poverty, sickness, death – are all the result of the effects of the original sin of Adam and Eve. This is the clear and plain teaching of Jesus and the apostles.

Socialism was popularized by the German philosopher Karl Marx in the 19th century. He was an atheist who completely rejected the truth of God’s written word. Contrary to the teaching of scripture, Marx believed that all the ills of society – crime, unemployment, poverty – were all the result of “class envy” brought on by capitalism.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

In Marx’s mind, it was the struggle of the haves against the have-nots that caused all of society’s evils. He postulated that if everyone could be economically
equal then a perfect utopia would be created. Thieves would no longer steal, perverts would reform themselves and cruel criminals would have an epiphany and suddenly become nice, if only socialism could be implemented.

The implementation of socialism involves empowering government to forcibly take wealth from the rich and the middle class and distribute it to the poor. As can be expected, a philosophy that denies the truth of God’s word will yield a result that is fraught with evil. Instead of being the equal distribution of wealth, socialism becomes the equal distribution of poverty. Since everyone gets the same reward, regardless of how hard they work, there is no incentive for anyone to excel. Mediocrity and shoddiness become the norm in a socialist environment.

While socialism imagines that mankind is basically good, capitalism on the other hand, acknowledges that mankind is fallen and each and every person has self-interest as his foremost thought. Capitalism considers that if a person is allowed to enjoy the fruits of their own labor, that their self-interest will lead them to excel. In a capitalist society, you find people trying to outshine the competition, resulting in an abundance of product. A socialist society will have a dearth of product as there is no competition or incentive to do well.

communismCommunism is simply an implementation of Socialism. Communism and Socialism are, at their root, the same philosophy, the only difference being that Communism is a more extreme version of Socialism. Communism denies private ownership of land and the means of production. While communism requires the government owns the farms, factories and businesses, socialism works more subtly by taking individual money and property through taxes, government bail-outs and entitlement programs. At the heart of both socialism and communism is the belief that government, specifically a socialist government, is the key to human salvation.

A Failed Ideology of Evil

A Symbol of Socialism

A Symbol of Socialism

Since socialism is a belief system that has at its root a denial of basic Christian truth, it is no surprise that wicked men have been attracted to its teachings. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, as the NAZI party was called, led by Adolf Hitler, is a prime example.

North Korea is another example. While South Korea flourishes with wealth and freedom and a plethora of Christian churches, Communist North Korea suffers under abject poverty and its people live in constant fear of their government. There are no churches in North Korea. To profess faith in Christ in North Koriea is to ask to be imprisoned and killed.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) is probably the most notable illustration of the evils of socialism. While Marx thought that socialism would naturally take over the world, Russian revolutionist Lenin thought otherwise. He believed Marxism needed to be implemented by military force.

This idea brought about the Russian revolution of 1917 which culminated in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. How much “force” was needed for Lenin’s regime to implement Communism? Twenty million innocent civilians had to die.[1]



Freedom died as well. In the Soviet Union, you could only live and work where the government told you. Millions tried to leave their home country in order to escape the repressive regime. To stop this exodus, they built the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall and machine-gunned anyone trying to escape their new utopia. Eventually Russia, exhausted with continual poverty, acknowledged that socialism simply doesn’t work and abandoned it for capitalism.

“About the capitalist states…Whether you like it or not…We will bury you…Your children will be Communists!” Those were the words angrily yelled by Soviet premier Khrushchev at the Polish embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956. Communists fanatically believe that in order for their method of government to succeed completely, capitalism must be eliminated from the world. Totalitarian governments always need an enemy to blame in order to incite the people to support their cause.

And this brings us to our war with the socialist country of North Vietnam. In Vietnam, North Vietnamese Communists, stirred up and aided by Communist Russia, invaded the country of South Vietnam. The South Vietnamese government begged us to help them. We did and thus was born the Vietnam War. Part of the reasoning for the Vietnam War was the domino theory, which held that if one country is allowed to fall to Communism others in the area would soon follow.

chopperWe actually won the Vietnam War. Our purpose was to stop the invasion of South Vietnam. In that we succeeded. In late 1972 President Nixon ordered the bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong. This made North Vietnam ready to talk peace. In 1973 an agreement was reached that included North Vietnam’s promise not to invade the South and our commitment to South Vietnam to defend them if that happened. The war was over and we had accomplished our goal of stopping the invasion of South Vietnam. We pulled our troops out, promising South Vietnam that if the northern communists invaded again we would immediately be back.

So what happened? In a word, the Democrats happened. The 94th Congress was controlled by liberal Democrats who had no intention of letting America keep its commitment to South Vietnam. After American troops were gone North Vietnamese troops tested our resolve by making incursions in various places into the South. Then they waited to see what we would do about it. Sadly, we did nothing, which only encouraged their aggression.

President Ford begged the Democrats in Congress to provide military aid, to allow him to do something. Instead they tied his hands further. The Democrats passed the Foreign Assistance Act of 1974, cutting off all military aid to South Vietnam and removing the president’s option of air strikes should North Vietnam break the terms of the peace accords.

President Ford, along with the president of South Vietnam, pleaded with our Congress not to let South Vietnam fall and let the deaths of 58,000 of our GIs have been in vain. All that was needed was a little support to South Vietnam and the North would back off. The communist North had already lost 1.1 million lives and they were not about to restart the war if we were committed to defending the south.

But once the North Vietnamese saw that we were going to do nothing, they invaded South Vietnam and it quickly fell to the communists within two years of our withdrawal. All of our blood, sweat and tears were for naught. We had won the war. We had saved Vietnam, but the Democrats shamefully let it all go to the communists. Freedom died in South Vietnam. Today there is no religious freedom in Vietnam. Christians are persecuted and their churches are outlawed.

In 1975 the free-love peaceniks and the news media got the peace in Vietnam they had campaigned so long for. In only the first year of “peace” more people died in Vietnam than in all the previous years of the war put together![2] This was not reported in the news media at the time, but it is an established fact of history. Millions died. They were tortured, butchered and raped or sent to “reeducation camps” or incarcerated as political prisoners. And the domino theory was proved correct. Cambodia and Laos soon quickly fell to the communists also.

boatThere was a mass exodus from South Vietnam as people tried to escape the cruelty of communism, but there was nowhere to go except into the ocean. In South Vietnam one million people floated out to sea on makeshift rafts, row boats and just about anything that would float. One half of these boat people, as they were called, – 500,000 of them – drowned in the sea. But this was only the beginning of sorrows.

In Cambodia, the communists herded three million people out of the cities in one day, putting them to a forced march. If anyone refused or complained they were instantly killed. They put them to slave labor in the fields, forcing them to work until they dropped dead. Then they bulldozed them into mass graves. Bruce Herschensohn in his book An American Amnesia tells of the communist cruelty in Cambodia:

“On the trek to the fields it was a capitol offense to complain to guards about the food. It was a capitol offense to talk to one another. The next day all married couples were separated, their children taken away, or compelled to watch their parents tortured and executed, often by decapitation, while the chief method of execution was to have the person’s skull smashed by hammer. Children were forced to watch their parents lined up with others, each person in each row having their skulls smashed by Khmer Rouge with hammers, and the same fate came later for selected children…Public executions were held throughout the country, and starvation was rampant. All street signs were whitewashed. All money was declared illegal, with rice as the only currency. Medical facilities, religious temples, postal, telegraph and telephone communications were destroyed. Death was the sentence for having a radio or having any timepiece or dozing at work. Flirting was considered to be promiscuity punishable by death. All people had to wear black tops and black pants. Atheism was the new official creed, with the practices of Buddhism and Catholicism punishable by death. All books published before April 17, 1975 were ordered to be burned. In a quest for extinction of lives, the genocide of an estimated 2 million (somewhere between one-quarter to one-third of the entire population of the country) began on that date.”[3]

Many of the leaders of the Cambodian genocide developed their appalling socialist philosophy at leftist universities in the United States. The Cambodian genocide included an emphasis on back-to-nature, anti-property, organic food produced with no technology, and alternative, non-western medicine; an Al Gore utopia. If you want to know what society the new-age leftist socialist environmental-wacko movement would lead to, just look at the Communist Khmer Rouge of Cambodia.

The peaceniks chanted “give peace a chance.” but when we did, millions died. We had won the war for nothing. The liberal Democrats managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The lesson is clear: There can be no compromise with socialism. Wherever it is not resisted, it takes root, and people die.

Socialism’s Bedfellows

Atheism and evolutionary theory are philosophies that go hand-in-glove with socialism. Nearly all socialist countries promote atheism and use the so-called science of evolution to bolster their faith in the idea of no creator.

“Religion is the opiate of the people” is one of the most frequently quoted statements of Karl Marx. His meaning was that there was no real intrinsic truth or reality to religious belief. Marx claimed religion was only a fantasy of the mind created to help endure the sufferings of the world. Marx promulgated the abolition of religion as consistent with the elimination of suffering through socialism. In the old USSR, North Korea, North Vietnam and China, as in nearly all communist countries, Christianity was practically outlawed and the Bible banned as contraband. Evolutionary atheism is the official state position in these lands.

The Lies of Socialism

The rich get richer because they make the poor get poorer. The rich aren’t paying their fair share. The rich have all the money, that’s why we have poverty.” These are the lies of socialism. Those who are suffering and are desperate for hope will latch onto such lies. They are fooled into becoming socialist puppets, doing the bidding of those who pull the strings.

Our American education system has become a disseminator of socialist Marxism. Young people struggling to get started in the work place are easily seduced with the idea of the government just giving them free stuff. They imagine the government has an endless supply of cash to give them. They don’t realize that the only thing the government can give is what it takes from others, and in many cases, the others will be the children and grandchildren of those it gives to.

Even the extreme environmental wacko-ism of the so-called man-made global warming crowd is nothing but another communist lie. It is a smoke screen to bring in more taxes to increase socialism and government control.

The Fruit of Socialism

It is estimated that Communism has killed in excess of 94 million people in China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea alone. Wherever socialism reigns, suffering, death and loss of freedom is the consequence. Where you find socialism, you find no Bibles, no churches, no freedom and no hope. You find only poverty and pain. Argentina’s recent experiment with socialism has destroyed their economy resulting in starvation, riots and unrest. Nowhere has socialism ever worked in the long term. It is a failed ideology that lies smoldering on the ash heap of history.

Today the democrats want more and more socialism for America. Liberal teachers have infested our schools and raised a whole crop of young adults with heads full of communist lies. Perhaps Khrushchev was right. He said they will bury us and if we don’t teach the truth to our children, perhaps they will. While people worry over the imaginary threat of global warming, the real threat of socialism secretly  encroaches upon our nation.

One has to wonder why the failed philosophy of socialism continually pops up all over the world. It has failed to help mankind wherever it has been tried. Every socialist experiment results in a wrecked economy and a totalitarian government that takes away the rights of the people. Yet people keep falling for the lies of socialism. Why?

There is more here than meets the idea. Scripture says we war against spiritual principalities and powers and wickedness in high places. There is a powerful demonic influence that works tirelessly at spreading socialism wherever possible. Satan has found it one of his most effective weapons to enslave mankind and stamp out the Christian Church.

And that is why Satan is politically active. He loves socialism. It does his evil work for him. It steals freedom and enslaves mankind. It denies the truth of God’s word. Socialism kills people. It hinders the Church of the Living God. For these very reasons we must fight against it. We must fight wars to stop it if necessary. We must teach our children and our neighbors about the evils of socialism. Its wickedness has destroyed nations, murdered millions and enslaved billions.

Socialism is a malignancy born in hell and bent upon devouring the earth. We cannot let it be the downfall of America. Any nation that drifts away from Christianity becomes susceptible to the lies of socialism. America has been drifting and as a consequence has begun to lean more and more towards socialism. Only the truth of God’s word can set us free from Satan’s deceptions. The evil of socialism must be proclaimed and exposed from the pulpits of America and by every Christian who knows the truth. Our very freedom depends upon it. Let the Church be silent no longer.

electric cars, global warming, climate change, democratic party

If you are enjoying this article you would like the author’s book, Hidden History: The Untold Story of the Democratic Party.  Over 200 pages of astonishing truth! Learn who was behind eugenics, who was pro-slavery, who really started the Civil War, who stole Indian land, who locked up the peaceful civilized tribes on reservations, and who was responsible for the infamous Trail of Tears.  Available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions.


[2] An American Amnesia, Bruce Herschensohn, P.63

[3] An American Amnesia, Bruce Herschensohn, P.37-38




  1. Hi there,

    I have found your article an interesting explanation of socialism. I do have a question though – based on your words

    “ The Bible teaches that because Adam and Eve sinned all mankind inherited an evil fallen nature. As a result, the earth was cursed by God and all of nature became twisted. Death and suffering entered the world. All of mankind’s woes – crime, famine, earthquakes, floods, pestilence, poverty, sickness, death – are all the result of the effects of the original sin of Adam and Eve”

    Should we then just view things like hurricanes, poverty and the like as our punishment? Therefore, should we not spend resources to try eradicate these problems because we should suffer because of Eve succumbed to temptation?

    I am curious- I think I get very confused sometimes – because we are told that God is a loving God and then I read things like this we are being punished for the original sin. Then Jesus talked about taking care of the sick and the poor – but then I am also led to believe that they are suffering from the original sin. It is difficult to find the line.

    I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


    1. Hi Molly, thanks for commenting and I will try to answer your questions. We should not view the fallen state of the world as a punishment from God upon us personally. It is merely a fact of life. If we have given our hearts to Christ, then “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

      We should do our best to eradicate problems in the world. Think of the fallen state of the world as the residue of a battle lost, but the war is not over. We occupy and pray: “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,” and we do all we can to bring good into this world. When the final battle occurs and Jesus returns, we win the war.

      We do not understand all things this side of heaven, but when we are with Him, we will understand it all. God is a loving God, but he is also a consuming fire. He is righteous and holy beyond our comprehension and he judges sin. If God just minimized sin and there were no consequences at all he would be denying Himself and we would never understand the truth of how evil sin is. Yet, his great love prompted Him to send Jesus, who died on the cross for us so that we could be saved. It took his shed blood to wipe away our sins. So we see, on the one hand, how terrible sin is and how seriously God hates sin, yet at the same time we see the great love Jesus has for us, in that he died a terrible death in order to save us.

      I hope this helps. God bless,

      …Pastor Mark


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