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Below is a list of web links that point to other ministries that have material posted that warns about the false teachings of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries…


Deception Bytes

Christian Research Institute

Liberty Advocate

Spirit Watch Ministries

Cobblestone Road Ministry

Book: Let us Prey by Hunter Lundy

John Camp CNN Jimmy Swaggart Investigation Video – Part 1

John Camp CNN Jimmy Swaggart Investigation Video – Part 2










  1. I want to also know about what this site thinks of Rick Warren being a false prophet by his church welcoming so called “chris-lam” please email me on this matter. Thank you and God bless


    1. Hi Kelly, Thanks for your question. I have looked into the accusations against Rick Warren I have found where people say he believes such and so, but have not found such to be the case in what Warren actually writes. In other words, hearsay is all I have found against Warren. Many of the accusations are false. He befriends Catholics and Muslims in order to be an effective witness or to work together for some community good. I have read The Purpose Driven Life and I find no false doctrine in it. Now having said that, I don’t pretend to know all that Warren has said or taught. If he has written something that is false teaching, then please reply here with the source and the quote and I will examine it. If he is teaching false doctrine I will be sure to point it out. Please take a look at this website where Rick Warren addresses some of the accusations made against him and where he clarifies his actual position on matters, as opposed to what some media outlets falsely report.


      I also suggest you look at the comments under Message of the Cross on this site. There is a lot I have written in response to Jim Allen’s comments on Rick Warren.

      God Bless,

      …Pastor Mark


      1. my mom watches his ministry all the time. I have heard some sermons from Gabe that were good. I have listened to the round table a couple of times and agreed with some of the younger pastors or ones on the table that clarified the topic.
        But….JUst last night visiting mom they had this entire topic about all of this above without mentioning Rick Warren or church name but Books name and California..Also I noticed they kept claiming all churches today or so many today but then went right back to this….give all info but name I solved easily and downed them over and over false teachings…IDK
        I did also read the whole main problem with his Bible and also that was the entire subject. The truth of Jesus dying on the cross for all people and all of our sins. THe sacrifice and the wonderful greatness I totally agree and absolutley true…BUT thought it strange they kept referring back to how all the churches today don’t believe that or forgot or IDK???
        Read letters…I stated to my mom what are they talking about?? That is the entire message of Christianity if people or churches dont believe that or forgot as they claimed?? Then they aren’t true believers and never were. The freedom in Christ and his GRACE is so awesome and absolutley true…So the above about his bible explains it all.


        1. Hi Beth and thanks for your comment. The really seductive thing about Swaggartism, is that much of what they teach is biblical. Their music is wonderful and people even get saved through their ministry. But their is so much false teaching mixed in that when people are caught up in the eloquence of the message and the emotion of the music, they swallow the false teaching as well and it can be very damaging, as much of their teaching revolves around they idea that they are the one true church and all other churches are false – a very cultic perspective.

          God bless,

          Pastor Mark


          1. 5 years ago i would of disagree with mark.But after being a media member for over 1o years.Ive come to see what mark was saying in this thing was right.Especially what he just said in response here this somes it up exactly.I no attend another church on stream.And ive seen god move in a living word and reveal.Thank u mark though for the insight i guess like the ol saying some people have to learn on there own.

  2. Thank you for your “warning signs”. BOTH Donnie or Gabe Swaggart are MUCH more actors than honest Preachers; with their made-up interjected BS stories, speaking out of both sides of their mouths. True Preachers teach the Bible; not just falsely reference ONE verse to eventually get around to scamming money. Praise God that neither Donnie or Gabe have any singing or preaching talent to keep JSM afloat after Jimmy passes! They have ALL lived VERY opulent lifestyles so we will have NO sympathy when these SCAM Artists finally close shop! Under Jimmy and Francis, the Swaggarts had a 40 year run at “profiting” from the Word of God, (2Cor. 2:17) but it Thankfully coming to an end. The lies, like “50 schools and churches in Haiti with our donations” and the rest; while paying for planes, Mercedes, opulent homes, jewelry, clothes, etc. will Finally come to an end; God bless your Word and judgement of these Scam artists!


  3. I am SO curious why people give their money to these Scam Artists? Do they just like the music, (concert and big shows) or do they truly believe the Swaggarts are of God? The Swaggarts have got SO many people Bamboozled; I MUST question how can SO many people fall for their CRAP, send money and believe in them? If “Christians” read, comprehend and truly believe in the Bible; they would Never fall for these money-grabbing, sinful people! What are we missing here? How can Christian people believe in other Scammers like Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Marcus Lamb, Ron Parsley, John Hagee, Swaggarts and SO many others? How is it POSSIBLE for the “Christian” public be SO Duped by these money grubbing false preachers? Gabe Swaggart even gives away their LIES on TV, (if you listen carefully). He is young and too dumb to hide the financial Scam games that Jimmy and Donnie get away with.
    Get involved with a LOCAL Church, and STOP giving to these SCAM Artists!!!


  4. We enjoy watching JSM, Donnie Swaggart Sunday noon; often for a good laugh! He is a FAR better actor than a preacher! Besides his made-up stories and Lies he uses EVERY week; Donnie uses his ONE Bible verse message to eventually get around to giving money to JSM, and an upcoming “Share-a-thon” or a reason for “Everyone around the world” to give more money to the Swaggarts. Do you know how many people they ACTUALLY reach, or what the Swaggarts actually do to help others in OUR world? How much of YOUR money goes to others? We do not know for fact; (because of their financial protection from the Law) but DO KNOW THAT IT IS JUST PENNIES on your donated Dollars! It is about TIME to get the Swaggart’s to admit that TRUTH! Either they ADMIT that TRUTH; or WE ALL STOP DONATING to Scam Artists!


      1. Hello,

        I have just sent a request for their financial statement. If a company won’t open their books, then there could be a problem.


  5. I agree with everything you say about Swaggert but totally disagree with your stance on Rick Warren. First of all , his book uses humanistic sociology to make biblical points. My former pastor used The Purpose Driven life book for preaching and totally abandoned the Bible. He buys Rick Warrens sermons which contain maybe on scripture. Warren also endorses Yoga and often has this practice incorporated in his conferences. His alliance with unbiblical teachers is astounding. Most Purpose Driven /Emergent churches endorse Warren. His example of church growth is nothing more than marketing a strategy . Worst of all when is it ok for a Christian to read books that contains nothing but Eisegesis teaching? 1 John 2:26 and 27 tells us we are not to be taught by any man, we are to be taught by the Holy Spirit. His teachings are taken as the gospel in churches today . He has shipwrecked the faith of many. I guess if you believe Yoga, Eisegesis teaching, humanistic sociology, couches in stead of pews, dark lit worship services with candles and mysticism is okay, then you can support Warren. Unless you have been to or helped people get out of a Purpose Driven Church you don’t know how bad it is. One more thing. Where in scripture are we allowed to be heavily involved in government and unity with other religions as a pastor? This is Dominionist Theology.


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