Do Masks Work?

By Mark Swarbrick

Dr Fauci says you should wear a mask everywhere. Why? The reason Dr. Fauci now says you should wear a mask (after he said to the whole country on television that they don’t help) is because he gets his marching orders from the Democratic political machine that wants to do all it can to engender fear, because when people are afraid, they are easy to manipulate and control. Control is what the Democratic Party is all about these days. But what does the science say? Doctor’s wear masks in an operating room to prevent bacteria from entering an open wound. However, Bacteria are giants when compared to viruses. The smallest bacteria are about 0.4 micron in diameter while viruses range in size from 0.02 to 0.25 micron. Some bacteria are 20 times the size of a virus. Bacteria are easily caught in a quality surgical mask, but a tiny virus like Covid-19 can go right through a mask like water through a screen door. The Covid virus is .06 to .14 microns. An N95 mask can only stop particles down to .1 micron and since the Corona virus can be as small as .06, they can go right through it, being half the size of what a mask can stop. A good quality N95 mask can stop respiratory droplets, as they are typically 5.0 to 10.0 microns. So if someone with COVID-19 sneezes close to you, an N95 mask might save you, or it might not. The infected person will probably adjust their mask after the sneeze, get the virus on their hands, and then transfer it to whatever they touch next.
Now here is an important point: The masks that people are being told to wear are not N95 masks. People are wearing homemade cloth masks or cloth masks purchased online or at a store. These are not N95 masks and do not have anything close to the filtering capacity of a real N95 mask. People use everything under the sun to make these, from old t-shirts to handkerchiefs. No studies have been made available or advice given as to what material should be used to make a mask. Why don’t the powers that be give instruction on this? The fact that they don’t is evidence that their motivation is not to protect your health. They want you to wear a mask for more nefarious reasons.
Dr. Fauci has been a virologist for many years. He knows all this. He knows masks don’t work. That is why he told us in the beginning that masks don’t work. “Oh but now we know more about the virus,” they say. Are you kidding me? Are we supposed to believe that Dr. Fauci didn’t know a year ago the difference in size between a virus and a bacteria? He has known that since medical school. What is really going on is this: Dr. Fauci’s buddies in the Democratic party want people to wear masks in order to engender fear so as to hurt Trump in the election. Fauci is a political hack first, and a doctor second. He has his marching orders so now he says masks are very important. The mask is a big sign, forced onto everyone’s face by Democrats. It is a sign that is intended to say, “Look! The virus is terrible and Trump has not stopped it! Vote for Biden!”
The science says masks don’t help, not much anyway, especially not the kind everyone is wearing. Nearly everyone is wearing a mask these days, yet Covid is still spreading, which is pretty good evidence that the masks are having little effect. There are no studies that show they help. There are studies that show countries that have used masks fare no better than ones that don’t. That is the science and that is the truth. A very inconvenient truth for the Democrats and Facebook, who will no doubt flag this as false information, because they are political hacks who get their marching orders from the same place Dr. Fauci does.
Dr. Fauci is a political plant from the Democratic Party. He has been a Hillary supporter. He has sent her letters of praise and donated money to her 2016 campaign. With the unveiling of Hillary’s emails we learned that Tony Fauci wrote things in regard to Hillary, such as, “Please tell the Secretary that I love her more than ever.”
When President Trump said of Fauci, “He’s a Democrat, everybody knows that,” the left jumped on this with claims that Trump is wrong and that Fauci is not registered with any party. But that makes no difference that he is not registered. Many political hacks that work with government do not register in order to keep their influence, regardless of who is in power. Just because he is not registered does not mean he is not a Democrat. Obviously, when you are rich and give lots of your money to the Democratic party, you are still a Democrat. When you are in sympathy with Democrats and you vote Democrat, you are a Democrat, even when you are not registered. So let’s be clear: President Trump is one hundred percent correct: Fauci is a Democrat and everybody does know that. Consequently all that Fauci says must be taken with a grain of salt.
Am I saying don’t wear a mask? No. I am not saying whether you should wear one or not. I am just saying we should all be informed of what the Democratic Party is up to and realize that Dr. Fauci is a Hillary-loving Democrat, which means he doesn’t like Trump and will do all he can to hurt him in the election.