China Wants Taiwan


By Mark Swarbrick

China Versus Taiwan – The Real Facts

The Chinese Communist Party covets Taiwan, not because they ever owned it, but because of the great riches Taiwan’s capitalistic and democratic society has brought to the island. They are so industrious that poverty has been virtually eliminated on the island. They export a number of goods, particularly sporting goods, golf clubs and equipment and host of other commodities. But what they are most famous for is microchips.

The entire world runs on these tiny electronic wonders – coffee makers, refrigerators, television, radios, the Internet, automobiles, trains, planes, tanks, fighter jets, commercial jets, computers, electrical grids, water treatment plants, telephone communications, radios, smart phones, rockets, satellites, GPS tracking, defense systems, and nuclear weapons – all are non-functional without microchips.  Our entire civilization is dependent on these microelectronic components.

Ninety-two percent of all advanced microchips are made in Taiwan. If a communist country were allowed to control this, they could control the entire world. China knows this, and that is their ambition. This is why they want Taiwan so badly. Bad enough to invent and twist history to bolster their erroneous claims. Red China wants the world to think Taiwan is rightfully theirs but nothing could be further from the truth.

Taiwan’s History

In the 17th and 18th centuries China made attempts at colonizing Taiwan. By 1890 45 percent of the island was under Chinese control while 55 percent remained free. Formerly a free and independent country, the islanders resented Chinese colonization and domination. Japan coveted the beautiful island as well and had also made attempts at colonizing it. In 1894, Chinese and Japanese troops faced off in Korea; Japanese forces prevailed.

In the resulting Treaty of Shimonoseki, China ceded their bogus claims on Taiwan “in perpetuity” to Japan. In1936, speaking of Chinese territories, Moa denied they had any right to Taiwan, saying, “We do not, however, include Korea…the same thing applies to Formosa (Taiwan).” Japanese domination over Taiwan continued through World War II, as Imperial Japan invaded one country after another.

One would think the Taiwanese would have regained their freedom from tyranny at the close of World War II but somehow Japan’s rule over Taiwan was traded as if it were merely a poker chip. After Japan’s defeat in WW II, control of Taiwan was handed off by the allies to the Nationalist government of China, with no regard for what the Taiwanese wanted. However, this was not the Red China of today that received Taiwan. It was another country entirely. Let me explain.

Taiwan governance was given to The Nationalist Government of China. But four years after that, communist armies fought the Nationalist government, defeated it, and seized control of China, forming a new country, a communist dictatorship – the People’s Republic of China. The Nationalist government of China and it’s armies (who had been given sovereignty over Taiwan by the allies) fled to Taiwan, for they wanted nothing to do with communism. The Nationalists who fled to Taiwan integrated into Taiwanese society and together they built the free and independent Taiwan democracy of today.


The point being, Taiwan was never under control of Red China and the Communist Chinese Party. They have no valid claim, and have never had any claim over the country. When Taiwan was being traded about, Red China didn’t even exist. Ironically, if anyone has a claim over a country, it would be that the government of Taiwan rightfully owns China, for the land of China was seized from the National government by force, and then that government fled to Taiwan. A case could be made that the rightful ruler of China is Taiwan, not the other way around.

Or to look at it another way: Taiwan was a free Democracy for over a half century before the dissolution of most of the British colonies around the world. From a Taiwanese standpoint, the notion of returning to Beijing’s control would be akin to Australia, which gained its independence in 1901, returning to the direct control of the United Kingdom. Red China needs to join the civilized world and recognize the borders and governments that exist today and stop coveting what they tried to steal in the past.

Bottom line: Communist China has never had sovereignty over Taiwan. It has been a free country for many decades and it is time that free civilized societies stop more powerful dictatorships from trying to steal this country from its own people.


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