Covid Vaccine Alternative and FDA Corruption Big Pharma

Is this new vaccine safe? If you are considering getting the vaccine, you will want to know a little bit about it. There are lots of different stories going around about it. Which ones are true and which ones are not? Here is a quick summary that answers two critical questions, along with information on current events related to bible prophecy and the pandemic. In this article you will learn about a Covid vaccine alternative, FDA corruption big pharma, Bible prophecy headline news and current events related to Bible prophecy and Covid-19.

Be sure to read my note at the bottom of this articlce: I WAS WRONG!

Was it Properly Tested?

Because this vaccine was produced in record time, many people feel that testing was cut short to rush it to market. That is not the case. This vaccine received the same level of testing as any other vaccine. Then how did we get it so quickly? President Trump should be credited for that.

Typically drug companies proceed very slowly through development phases. After each stage, there is a pause while executives re-examine the costs involved and re-evaluate marketability to ensure that the company will not lose money on the endeavor. There is also the usual amount of bureaucratic government red tape that slows things down.

President Trump did two things in his “Warp Speed” program to get the virus developed quickly. First, he cut any unnecessary government red tape. Secondly, he guaranteed profitability to the drug companies with contracts to purchase the medicine for every individual in America. This was unprecedented and allowed the drug companies to proceed at full speed without any delays to consider if they were going to make money or not.

Will it Change Your DNA?

No, it will not. The Coronavirus vaccine is what is called an mRNA vaccine.  mRNA vaccines are safer than standard vaccines, which contain actual pieces of the dead virus. An mRNA vaccine does not have any of that. mRNA, or Messenger RNA, are little single-strand pieces of instructions that tell our body how to make something, such as a protein. We have many kinds of mRNA being made naturally in our body all the time to respond to changing conditions.

The Coronavirus has a specific type of protein associated with it. The virus can not affect a person without that protein, but that protein by itself is not harmful to people. The vaccine contains mRNA that is coded to tell our body how to make that harmless protein. Once that protein is made, our body sees it as something that doesn’t belong, so it ramps up an immune response to get rid of it. Our body then also eliminates the mRNA that was injected.

The mRNA never enters the nucleus of the cell where our DNA lives. Nothing in the body has changed except one thing. Our body has “learned” how to eliminate that particular harmless protein. Now, if you are infected with the Coronavirus, which has some of that same protein, the body doesn’t need to take weeks to ramp up a response. The immune system sees the same protein it has already dealt with in the past and instantly kills it. Without the protein, the virus is killed and stopped in its tracks.

So, where did the idea come from that the vaccine changes your DNA? Probably this confusion arose from people that don’t know what mRNA is. RNA is made by the body in the nucleus of cells using instructions from DNA. Then the Messenger RNA is sent out of the nucleus as a “message” of how to make something the body needs. This relationship got confused in some people’s minds and somebody jumped to the conclusion that it changes DNA.

The bottom line here is that the mRNA contained in the vaccine is eliminated in the body, and so is the protein that is created as a result. It all goes away and nothing goes anywhere near our DNA. The only change is that our immune system has learned how to eradicate something that shouldn’t be there, and consequently, our bodies can quickly deal with a Coronavirus infection. I get my vaccine tomorrow. If I grow horns and a tail you will know I was wrong.


My second vaccination had me bedfast with extreme illness for two weeks. Then I had to go the hospital because it paralyzed me from the shoulders up. After a few days of treatment the paralysis gradually went away. The inventor of mRNA technology has gone on record as saying it is very foolish to use this new technology in vaccines. As of December 3, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has logged an astounding 927,738 COVID jab related adverse events, including 19,886 deaths.

I will not be getting any booster shots, especially now that there is a inexpensive pill (ivermectin) that cures Covid. It is now understood that the spike protein of the vaccine is not necessarily benign. They can linger in your body after an infection or an injection and damage cells, tissues, and organs.

Covid vaccine alternative, FDA corruption big pharma, Bible prophecy headline news, Current events related to Bible prophecy

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