The Perfect Church

A group called The Church of Jesus Christ Forever is also referred to as The Perfect Church or The Rose. It is an authoritarian cult in Oregon Illinois that is led by a man by the name of Kale Aluli who claims to be a prophet of God. Their website claims that their prophet is as sinless and perfect as Jesus.

It is said by those who left the church that leaders exercise excessive control over every aspect of members lives. Members have acknowledged their belief in “extreme discipline.”  Ex-members have alleged that they suffered severe child abuse in the church while being raised by parents who were members of the cult.

The following articles cover the doctrines and practices of the group, as well as the allegations made by ex-members. 

  1. The Cult in Oregon, Illinois
  2. True Tale of a Friendly Cult
  3. Sinless Perfection
  4. One Way – The Risen Lord
  5. The Abuse Allegations
  6. Allegations – Marcy’s Story
  7. Biblical Child Discipline
  8. In Defense of Jesse Morris
  9. Are There Prophets Today?






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