Kenneth Copeland

The False teachings of Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland is one of the prominent leaders of the Word of Faith movement, an aberrant Christian movement that emphasizes  getting health, wealth, and financial prosperity by means of “name it and claim it” or “gab it and grab it” theology. Rather than an emphasis upon holiness and knowing Christ, the movement focuses on material wealth and upon getting what you want by demanding it from God and ordering the devil around.

Copeland has enriched himself by telling the lie that what ever money you give to him, you will get a 100 fold return. Give him a hundred dollars and you get a thousand dollars back from God. By appealing to human greed he has managed to fool enough to people to allow himself to live an extravagant lifestyle.

Kenneth Copeland’s Lavish Lifestyle

Kenneth Copeland’s Crazy Teachings


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  1. I wonder if Kenneth Copeland is either demon possessed or has split personality disorder. Sometimes while preaching he automatically switches from a happy smiling face to an angry rabid human dog with an evil look in his eyes. He just has a weird dark personality. He also snapped at a news reporter once and looked at her like her wanted to kill her. Do you ever notice this?


  2. Copeland gives me the creeps, and I believe is either an actual demoniac or a demon wearing human skin.

    I actually found out like a few days ago, he, believe it or not, faked cutting himself, mixing his own blood in the communion and drinking it. What the neck was that? Him imitating what the prophets of Baal did in 1 Kings 18:28?!?! 😰

    I’ve also always hated the whole “seed faith”/”prosperity gospel” thing televangelists have done that I believe started with Oral Roberts (also, just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on other preachers like Oral and Richard Roberts, Jim and Tammy, to name a few?)


    1. Hi Mitchell, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I totally agree – Copeland looks so creepy! I had not heard that about him drinking blood. That is so sick! Shows he thinks himself equal to Jesus. Also shows his disregard for Scripture, which says, even in the New Testament, not to drink blood. And I agree about the prosperity gospel – such false teaching! Yes, Oral Roberts was part of all that movement, as were the Bakers. However, in prison Jim Baker repented and wrote a book entitled “I was wrong.” In it he renounced the prosperity gospel. His wife divorced him while he was in prison and when he got out no Christians would have anything to do with him. He reached out to the pastor of the church I attended at the time and asked for help in rehabilitating himself, and our pastor did help him, even though others said he shouldn’t. As far as I know Baker is still on the straight and narrow. I hope and pray that he is.

      God bless,
      Pastor Mark


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