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  1. What is your views on reformed theology and scriptures that support it I have a boss who’s church is that he was once baptist I’m a Assembly of God and they totally don’t believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit or the working of gifts for today and i totally know that’s false my experience alone and seeing the power of God in operation plus the Holy Spirit leads us in truth and he wouldn’t operate under false doctrine and they have know working of the spirit their dead and full of legalism I’ve attended service I told them I do not agree in predestination and that if they grew up in Assembly of God or been baptized in the Holy Spirit they would see scripture differently it’s so hard to witness or get through to them


    1. Hi Gary, thanks for commenting. I completely agree with you. Calvinist theology is so twisted. Predestination is a crazy idea. It leads to the heresy of “once saved always saved” which leads so many into a life of sin, while thinking all is well with them and God because they went to the later 20 years earlier. I too am of the Assembly of God persuasion. Where the Holy Spirit is, there is life and where He isn’t you find dead and dry religion.

      God bless,

      Pastor Mark


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