Prohibition and Gun Confiscation

By Mark Swarbrick

Gangsters of the 1920s

When the government passed prohibition in 1920 and outlawed alcohol, it made criminals out of average Americans who simply wanted their adult beverage. That law fostered the creation of the entirely new criminal enterprise of manufacturing alcohol. Prohibition practically created organized crime in America. It provided members of small-time street gangs with the greatest opportunity ever — a chance to be big-time criminals and make a fortune providing Americans with beer, wine, and hard liquor. Profits were so great that gangsters became more organized than ever, employing lawyers, accountants, brewmasters, boat captains, truckers and armed thugs to intimidate, injure, bomb or kill competitors.

It wasn’t very long after prohibition was implemented that All Capone, Baby-Face Nelson, John Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd, and a host of other unsavory gangsters made the 1920s the decade of murder and mayhem. To the temperance lobby, prohibition was a victory, but it was a huge loss for the country. It only brought about the grangerization of America.

Gangsters Created from Law Abiding Citizens

Dictator Biden, who usurped the White House via a stolen election, is now saying he will ban all “assault rifles.” By that, he means any gun that is big, black, and scary looking will become contraband. Even though semi-automatic AR-15s are no different than any other hunting rifle in function, Biden says he will outlaw them. The AR-15 is the most popular gun in America. It is estimated that there are seventeen million people in the U.S. who own one. They will not willingly give them up. Biden intends to brand seventeen million Americans as criminals.

Just as prohibition was a monumental disaster, so also the prohibition of AR-15s will likewise prove to be an utter failure. There are a multitudinous number of unforeseen consequences that will arise from this unwise action. Criminals will still have guns. Citizens who give up their AR-15 will be less protected. If there is a societal or monetary collapse from war, EMP, or other factors, the best defense against home invasion from roving gangs is an AR-15. Citizens who do not give up their AR-15 will have an increased disregard for laws.

The government will never be able to confiscate more than a small portion of AR-15s. If the government tries to invade homes to search for them without a search warrant, they will find they are unrecoverable. States will oppose any such barbaric action. Guns will be hidden, buried, and concealed, just as was gold in 1933 when private ownership of precious metals was outlawed. Some searches, God forbid, could even end in bloodshed. Americans will not tolerate the invasion of their privacy and the crushing of their God-given 2nd Amendment rights.

This is one of the worst ideas Biden and his cronies have cooked up. It will do nothing but foster disrespect and distrust of the government. It is known that they will not stop at taking AR-15s. They won’t be satisfied until they have all our guns. They want them because they intend to subject the citizens of America to increasing autocratic rule.

After they take the last gun, the Democrats will take away our other rights, abolish the Constitution, and then they will have us right where they want us – indefensible and under their thumb. If anyone wonders about the results of confiscating firearms from citizens, ask the citizens of pre-revolution Russia, the Jews of Germany, or the American Indian how events unfolded for them once their guns were taken away.

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