7 Days in Entebbe

By Mark W Swarbrick

DON’T SEE THIS MOVIE – Not unless you would like to waste your money on a boring, inaccurate, anti-Semitic story manufactured by people in sympathy with Islamic terrorists.

I looked forward to seeing this movie as it was supposed to be about one of Israel’s finest hours. In 1976 Islamic terrorists hijacked a French airliner with 248 passengers on board. They released everyone except Jews. They said they would murder the 94 Jews if their demands were not met. They required that 53 convicted and imprisoned Muslim terrorists, held in Israel and 4 other countries, be set free or they would kill all the Israelites.

Operation Entebbe, also called Operation Thunderbolt, was the successful counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission carried out by commandos of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on 4 July 1976. The operation was logistically difficult and its success shows the readiness and professionalism of the Israeli Defense Forces.

This was certainly a victory for the free world.  Who knowns how many more sky-jackings there would have been and how much havoc would have been inflicted by releasing the 53 convicted terrorists. The murderous rampage that would have ensued cannot be estimated. No doubt this operation put a damper on the number of sky-jackings going on at that time. If the terrorists had succeeded, airline travel would have become much more dangerous.

The recent movie, 7 Days in Entebbe, presents several bold-faced lies. It claims the terrorists were actually freedom fighters and were only “called” terrorists by the Israelis. They were fighting, says the movie, because Israel had kicked them out of their homeland, which is a blatant lie.

When Israel became a nation in 1947, Israel was a wasteland. A few Jews and a few Arabs lived there. When Jews returned to their homeland and Israel began irrigation projects and infrastructure developments, business flourished. Many Arabs displaced by Muslim wars moved there because there was now prosperity in Israel. There was work. But then Muslims began promulgating the lie that the land of Israel was somehow their land, and the radical jihadists encouraged their people to become Muslim murderers and kill Jews and claim the land rebuilt by Israel was really there’s.

Thus was born modern day Islamic terrorism. It had nothing to do with Israel taking their homeland as Israel never was their homeland and they never have been “kicked-out” of it. They can live in Israel now if they behave themselves. The movie promulgates the same lie the terrorists have been espousing for years – That Israel belongs to Muslims.

Throughout the movie, the Israeli government officials are portrayed as shrewd political opportunists while the Muslim terrorists (which are never called terrorists) are shown to be sensitive humans fighting a noble revolution for their persecuted people.

The closing shot of the movie shows the Israeli Prime Minister with his head in hands, grieving that they rescued the hostages, because they failed to compromise with the terrorists and thus he wails, “Now the war will never end!”

The movie ends by printing on the screen, “To date Israel’s policy is not to compromise or enter into negotiations with Palestinians.”  That of course is another blatant lie. Israel will negotiate with countries and groups, but their policy is not to negotiate for the release of hostages taken by terrorists. America and nearly ever other country has the same policy, for the simple reason that to do otherwise would increase hostage-taking exponentially world-wide. But the movie tries hard to try to portray middle-east unrest as the fault of Israel for not being nice to Islamic terrorists who kidnap and murder innocent people.

As the credits roll, it lists all the people who sadly died in this operation. It does not separate out the bad guys from the good guys but simply lists them all together in an attempt to insinuate that Israel killed all these nice people.

In the theater where I saw the movie, there were a number of elderly people, and I felt certain many of them were Jewish. You could sense when the movie ended that everyone in the theater was unhappy with Hollywood’s latest NAZI style attack upon Israel. I’m certainly sorry I wasted my money on propaganda that Islamic terrorists are rejoicing over.