In Defense of Candy

A number of people have recently questioned whether or not a recent post by Candy Morris was actually made by her. I don’t know Candy myself, but people who do know her have said to me, “That is not how Candy talks.” They are convinced the post does not contain her words. I have heard this from more than one person. Several people feel that way.

Was Candy Morris coerced into making a post under her name? Candy’s comment was in response to a post made by Gary that showed the contents of an anonymous letter, allegedly from an ex-member of the Church of Jesus Christ Forever. The three page letter was devastating to the church, revealing illegal abuses and atrocities committed against adults and children. The Candy post, or should I say the alleged Candy post, reproduced below, denies it all, saying it is nothing but lies. But did Candy really write this post? Some don’t think so. Let’s look at the evidence. First, here is what the Candy post said:

Candy Morris
Since my name has been brought up I will certainly identify myself as Candice Morris (formerly Candice Aluli) and answer this letter of the most egregious lies. Gary Schrimpsher you are putting up this letter wondering if it is true and I will gladly speak out and say that absolutely every line of this letter is a lie.
It is my life and my story and none of this is true. I am absolutely appalled at all of the accusations and lies that have been continuously put up on this Facebook page but this letter I will personally address.
I could literally go line-by-line but EVERY sentence is a lie. I will publicly tell you this truth Kale was NEVER unfaithful. I am the one that was unfaithful and caused the divorce. I am not saying this because I owe you people anything but to stand before this community and verify these are ALL lies. I am telling you the truth.
If this community thinks that every anonymous person has the right to spew any lie they want you are unjust and there is no righteousness in this. If you want to PM me I will gladly answer your questions but I will NOT debate on this topic. There is no debate. Total Lies!

Did Candy Morris write this?  I believe there are good reasons to find it suspect. If it was not written by her, but she was coerced into posting this, that is a very diabolical thing to do, to force a lady into posting something. I believe there is evidence to indicate that it may have been either written under compulsion and duress, or written for her and she was ordered to post it. The evidence is stronger for the latter. We have already seen that ex-members are afraid enough of the cult leader that they will not reveal their identity. It is understandable that current members would be afraid as well.

This article is not written against Candy Morris, but in defense of her. I suspect that she may have been forced to make that post. If she was forced, she may be secretly glad for people to surmise that, even if she dare not say so.

We have seen from their website that leaders of the cult claim to speak with the authority of God and their words must be obeyed. Whatever one of the cult leaders say is to be taken as if it was from God himself and those orders are ignored at their own peril. It is logical to understand that if a member is ordered to do something, they are conditioned to do it, even if they don’t want to. That is what they are taught. We know that Kale Aluli, the leader of this cult, is coming unhinged over all the things being exposed and is trying desperately to counter the testimony of ex-members who allege abuse by the cult. Forcing a member to post something is not outside the realm of possibility and is mild compared to the atrocities that have been alleged.

Let me present the evidence of why I believe that this post may not be written by Candy herself.

Exhibit Number One: The Candy post says, “I am the one that was unfaithful and caused the divorce.” That seems rather odd to me, that a woman would admit to this in a public forum, even if it was true. It is not outside the realm of possibility, but I think it is not typical that a lady would willingly admit to such a failure to the public on Facebook.  Was this “confession” forced?

Exhibit Number Two: The writing is identical to Kale Aluli’s writing style. Most of the comment reads very much like comments Kali Aluli tried to leave on my website. For example, in this post that is allegedly by Candy, we read:

“I could literally go line-by-line but EVERY sentence is a lie…I am not saying this because I owe you people anything…I will NOT debate on this topic. There is no debate. Total Lies!”

People have contacted me off line and told me that this is not how Candy talks, but that it is very similar to how Kale talks. Note the angry “You people” above. That is how Kale talks. Let me show you. Here is an excerpt from Kale’s comment on my website. Note below how spitting out “YOU” is exactly Kale’s style. Kale writes:

“How is it that a professed Man of Faith – YOU, Mark – removes from this REPLIES section the PERTINENT, SOUND WORDS of the very person: Rev. Kale Aluli…”

Notice also the use of caps to express outrage is very similar between Candy’s post and Kale’s post. It is generally recognized that caps are a way of yelling.  I also would point out the similar use of hyphens in both writings. I find this compelling circumstantial evidence that this may be Kale speaking, not Candy.

Exhibit Number Three: The Candy post says, “I could literally go line-by-line but EVERY sentence is a lie.” I have seen Kale’s tendency to overstate his case. This is clearly an overstatement, just like Kale is prone to do. Let me explain. In the Candy post, the statement is made that every line of the letter is a lie. Let’s take a look at some of those lines. We can easily see that many of the lines of that anonymous letter are true, for we have them corroborated by other sources.

I will now show that not every line of the letter is a lie. As I rebut these statements, please understand that I don’t consider that I am refuting what Candy says. My personal belief is that she did not say these things. I believe Kale said them. I am refuting what I believe to be Kale’s words. 

LETTER: “Every marriage, many of which failed, was arranged by the two of them.”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: The fact of arranged marriages has been confirmed by other ex-members and alluded to in old newspaper articles about the church. Therefore, this line is not a lie. Remember, the Candy post says “every sentence was a lie.” So here we have proof that is not so. This is overstatement and denial in the style of Kale Aluli. 


LETTER: “Buckets of mud were brought in and poured on Carol and her husband to humiliate them because they had questioned Rose’s authority.”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: Although we don’t have another account of this, we do have accounts of children being smeared with dog feces as punishment, so buckets of mud is certainly believable.


LETTER: “Carol was ordered to not have contact with her adult children or grandchildren.”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: We have lots of corroborating testimony from ex-members that people were kept from family. Even their website confesses as much: “We stand…against…influence of family, friends…” From an ex-member we have this statement:

“Children were forbidden from communicating with family members that had left the church, or from having relationships with relatives that were deemed to have come against the Church, Rose, or Kale.”


LETTER: “She and her husband and oldest daughter were made to fast, with nothing but water, for thirty days.”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: An ex-member writes: “While fasting could be voluntary, often times it was not. If on a fast, there were severe punishments for seeking any calories.  Children could be forced to go more than a week without food of any kind. Only water was allowed.” So here we have external confirmation that indeed people were being forced to fast.


LETTER: “The Rockford Register Star printed some articles about the “cult” naming it outright.”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: We know this line is true, for we have seen and read the images of the articles posted on the Facebook group. The headline names it as a cult. That is a documented fact.


LETTER: “The Church was investigated by the state of Illinois regarding not paying wages…”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: We know from comments from people who remember and from the newspaper article that there was an investigation into the church decades ago.


LETTER: “Kale was the physical form of Jesus, while Rose was the Bride of God.”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: Their own website claims that Kale is Jesus manifested in the flesh and Rose is the bride of God. So that line is true also.


LETTER: “I was witness to multiple whippings of children, some as young as eight months old, as ordered by Kale.”

CORROBORATING EVIDENCE: Again, we have separate testimony of beatings and brutal spankings. One ex-members says they suffered, “Being beaten with a wooden board or paddle and removed from school until bruises faded.”


There is more, but that should be sufficient to establish that every line and every sentence is not a lie, as the post claims. Furthermore, such over-the-top denials are reminiscent of Kali Aluli, the leader of the cult who holds all power over the members by virtue of his claim to be sinless and equal to Jesus Christ.

One other point – all of this begs the question: If the letter is all lies, then why is someone so upset with this church to make up all that and mail it? They would have to really have it in for the church. So, the question is, why?

Why would someone be so upset with this tiny church? People don’t go to such lengths for no reason. I submit to you that it doesn’t make sense that this person would go to such trouble and it doesn’t add up that so many others would make the same claims, if they were not true. It is far more logical to believe these things are true than to not believe them.


Three things point to the fact that this was not written by Candy without coercion of some sort.

  1. It seems unusual that a lady, of her own free will, would admit to something as private as adultery in front of the world. Not impossible – just unusual.
  2. The belligerent style of writing, particularly the angry caps, and the breathless denials is not the writing style of a Candy, or so I am told. The style is remarkably similar the known writing style of Kale Aluli.
  3. Kale’s tendency to overstate a case and make repeated denials of known facts is clearly evidenced in this post. It has been shown that five statements of the letter are known facts, yet the writer claims not one line is fact.

I believe the combination of these points – and the fact that Kale Aluli has been blocked from commenting – builds a strong case for considering it reasonable that Candy Morris did not write the post of her own volition. There is plausible evidence that the post was written by Kale Aluli, the leader of the cult, and that Candy Morris was coerced into posting it.  If that is true, Candy has my sincerest sympathy. If that is true, then we all need to support Candy in prayer, for this cannot be easy for her.