KJV Onlyism & Best Bible Version

Have you ever run into a KJV Onlyism fanatic? What is the best Bible version?

Wondering what is the best Bible version or the best Bible versions? Beware that KJV Onlyism is a false teaching. Here is what a KJV Onlyism proponent may tell you about what are the best Bible versions and King James Onlyism:

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“Modern Bible versions are of the devil! They have been concocted by evil people who want to corrupt the faith of all Christians. You must use the King James Version of the Bible. That is the version that God has put his stamp of approval on. It is the only Bible in the entire world, in any language, that is one-hundred percent accurate. You aren’t saved unless you use a King James Version!”

KJV Onlyism proponents have troubled the hearts of many a Christian  and have split churches in half. Controversy, factions, and strive are their forte. No doubt, they are sincere, but they are sincerely wrong. Those who have put their faith in Jesus for salvation become troubled, wondering if they must also put their faith in KJV Onlyism to remain saved. What are the real facts? This book will give you a quick synopsis of the key issues and prepare you to more than hold your own against the cultic onslaught of the KJV Only Cult. This book will give you the facts on the KJV and what are the best Bible versions.

Here are just some of the topics covered in this treatise:

  • Inerrancy and the Original Autographs of Scripture
  • Harm Caused by KJV Onlyism Fanatics
  • Manuscript Evidence Discovered after 1611
  • History of Bible Translations
  • Literal versus Dynamic Translations
  • Dealing with Archaic terms and Changing Language
  • Advances in Linguistic Understanding
  • Modern Scholarship and Hebrew Idioms
  • Which are the best Bible versions?

To be prepared with the facts that will help you deal with KJV Onlyist, click  BUY NOW  to purchase from Amazon. Both Kindle and Paperback formats available.

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  1. Pastor Mark,
    Just a heads up. I tried several times to buy your KJV-only book on Amazon. I was unsuccessful. It could be something on my end. However, I know from experience, Amazon will block sales or shut down an account if something in Christian books are politically incorrect, especially if any Muslim history is involved. Is there any way to buy it from this site? Thanks.


    1. Hi Don, and thanks for the heads up on that. I just bought the Kindle version myself to test it, and that worked okay. Did you try to buy the Kindle or the paperback version?


  2. Hi Pastor Mark,
    I wanted to let you know I was clicking on the eBook and ppk versions under the title, to no avail. When I clicked on another link on the right side of the screen, SUCCESS! Perhaps Amazon wasn’t linking my current credit card on the other links?
    I read the book. Certainly, anyone preaching a KJV only should be brought to sanity after reading it. I think you have found your latter calling of exposing cults, and it is done with excellent writing skills.
    As far as relating the history of our Bibles, perhaps not so much. It seemed there was an embellishment of hearsay in order to emphasize the KJV onlyism, which wasn’t necessary. The logic in showing the different KJV revisions was sufficient. I am guessing you took a stab at some sort of history to help fill the book.
    I don’t wish to further critique your book here, because you definitely accomplished your purpose of exposing this cult. If you’d like me to share more, email me on how to contact you, and I would love to share more understanding.
    God bless you on a job well done!


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