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The Science, the Promise, and the Pitfalls

The Carnivore Diet – Not Just Another Fad!

It is a new way of eating backed by solid science. Although eating only meat, butter, and eggs might sound extreme, many who have adopted this diet are testifying that they are being cured of diseases that doctors could not help them with. The author was a sceptic until he researched the science behind it and went on the diet himself and found it to be the easiest and healthiest diet he has ever tried.

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The Cure for Covid and the Plot to Hide it from the World

Did You Know There is a Cure for Covid?

Are you worried about yourself or a loved one dying from Covid? Worry no more! Ivermectin is the cure, and even though most doctors won’t prescribe it, the author explains step-by-step how to get it legally from an American doctor. Did you know that many doctors around the world are disgusted at the lies being told about this miracle drug? This book will show you what doctors who prescribe ivermectin are saying about this wonderous life-saving medicine.

Discover the diabolical plan behind the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid Conspiracy tells the incredible story of diabolical collusion between multinational drug companies, governmental regulatory agencies, and unscrupulous politicians who have conspired to keep life-saving medicine from the world for the sake of profits and to promote totalitarianism, socialism, and a new world order.

Knowledge is power – Be Prepared! The information in this book will empower you with the tools you need to protect your health and survive the Covid pandemic through the use of ivermectin and other medicines. You will also gain Bible-based wisdom and a spiritual understanding of what is happening to our world. You will learn practical steps you can take to save your family from Covid and help rescue your country from socialist totalitarianism. In times of famine and trouble, God has often given a special warning to His people so that they can make preparation for the safety of their families. Many Christian leaders are sounding the warning. This book gives you the specifics to save your family and your nation.

Here are just some of the amazing facts you will learn about in this book:

  • See Where it has Worked: Delhi, India recently saw a 99% drop in Covid Cases. Four other Indian states had a similar decrease. For them, the pandemic is over. In some African countries, the entire population appears to be immune to Covid. All these locations have one thing in common; people are taking ivermectin, an inexpensive and safe pill that was approved for human use by the FDA decades ago.
  • The Conspiracy Revealed: Twenty countries around the world successfully use ivermectin for Covid prevention and therapy, while the rest of the world is not allowed to have this medication. Learn how Big Pharma, Big Tech, Joe Biden, and the Democratic Party have conspired together to ban ivermectin to allow unprecedented windfall profits from experimental vaccines.
  • Who Are These Mad Scientists? Senator Rand Paul recently explained to Congress how Dr. Fauci authorized tax-payer funding to the Bio-weapons laboratory in communist China to create the Covid coronavirus. Fauci has attempted to block efforts by doctors to obtain hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for Covid patients. The pandemic could be over in a matter of weeks if Ivermectin was widely used. Yet, government agencies are using the pandemic as an excuse to promote vaccines for profit while they conspire together to steal freedom and promote totalitarianism.
  • Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled: The author’s training and background make him uniquely qualified to explain the power-play complexities of the coronavirus pandemic in a biblical framework. You will understand the pandemic from a Christian worldview and see how current events fit into Bible prophecy. Is the current push for one-world government and globalism preparing the way for the coming Antichrist? Learn what the Bible prophesied would come in the last days and how the Covid pandemic fits into the Bible’s predictions.

 Get the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your family!

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