Truly Amazing

In this book your child will learn:

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  • The Bible is trustworthy.
  • Why God created man.
  • Why we have free will.
  • Why there is death and pain.
  • About God’s redeeming love.
  • God created us. We did not evolve.
  • God made us male and female.
  • God instituted and defined marriage.
  • That earth was created uniquely for mankind.
  • Why lightyears don’t negate a young earth.


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What People are Saying about Truly Amazing…

“This book presents the truths of Genesis 1-3 to children in a storytelling fashion. The author explains what’s going on in the passages and then answers questions that arise. Additionally, he addresses the fact that some people believe things that conflict with the truths of the Bible and then encourages children to choose to believe what God says. The author is pretty faithful to the biblical account in his retelling. I suspect this is best for younger children. They will need more reinforcement as they get older, but this would be a solid starting point.” — John Pasquet

“What a deep dive into some really relevant, topical questions and beliefs. The story of Genesis, God, Satan, and Jesus!!! I enjoyed how the author brought it back to basics, but didn’t dumb the subject down. Well written, engaging stories thrown into the mix. A very rich read, that doesn’t shy away from the big topics. Obviously the author has a background in science and theology, or at the very least, is very well researched. It was refreshing to read something that gave good solid teaching from a Christian perspective. My hope is that readers will take what they’ve read and will want to find out for themselves who God is.” — Trusted Mumma

“Mark Swarbrick has written a great book for older children that teaches them core bible truths that are being challenged in today’s western culture. This resource can help parents “train up a child in the way they should go.” The author gently draws distinctions between God’s truth and other opinions in chapters dealing with creation, marriage and gender. He does this with the right tone and talks about the importance of loving those who hold different views. I highly recommend this book to bible-believing parents who are looking for a good resource to help ground their children in the unchanging moral values of God’s Word.” –JHH

“This book is beautifully presented and brilliantly written. It brings to life, Genesis, recounting the story of Creation as it unfolds in a way that children will love and understand and forever remember . Young readers will be easily immersed in God’s Creation of the moon, stars, planets, Earth, plants, animals and finally, Adam and Eve. The author explains difficult issues like good and bad, right and wrong and the importance of love and obedience to God. This is the author’s first book for children and the beginning of a series which will certainly be, as the title suggests, truly amazing.” –Frances Shaw


Book Summary

Children Bible Stories Book & Adam and Eve for Kids…

A Children Bible Stories Series Teaching Basic Christian Truths Without Compromise. Reads like an exciting children’s story yet teaches biblical concepts from Genesis. Truly Amazing the first in a series of  stories centered around Adam and Eve for kids. If you are looking for a Children Bible Stories Book, the story of Adam and Eve for kids, Bible stories for children, children Bible stories, or children’s bible stories with moral lessons then this is what you want. 

Children get bombarded with confusion about gender, marriage, and evolution at a very young age. This book fills the need for Children Bible Stories that don’t hesitate to show what God has to say on these crucial matters. This book is a creation story for kids that explains the creation and the fall in an interesting way that children can relate to. The book of Genesis has answers for today’s problems. Truly Amazing brings these biblical answers to life in an exciting way. Children will find this children Bible stories book interesting and informative as they read of Adam and Eve’s adventures in the Garden of Eden.

While entertaining for kids, this book also prepares children with a defense for the onslaught of secular indoctrination they are sure to encounter. Those who homeschool or are looking for Children Bible stories or the story of Adam and Eve for kids will find this book to be an excellent choice.

Available in both Paperback and Kindle versions. 

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